You Really Should Be A Part Of Startup Weekend Trincomalee


Weekends consist of two days where we kick back and relax. But what if you could be more productive on the weekend than any other day of the week? What if you could build an entire company over the course of just two days? Well that’s what Startup Weekend Trincomalee is about.

What is a Startup Weekend?

If you didn’t already know, Startup Weekend is a global phenomenon that happens over the course of 54 hours. It starts from Friday and goes all the way through till Sunday. That’s 54 hours. These 54 hours are rather fast and definitely furious as you race against time to make your dream product a reality. That’s the purpose of Startup Weekends. You learn from your fellow team members and mentors how to take an idea from a concept all the way into execution. And it’s open to developers, marketers, entrepreneurs, designers and everyone in between.

What will happen at Startup Weekend Trincomalee?

This is the fifth Startup Weekend to happen in Sri Lanka. And it’s organized by a group of volunteers. These volunteers are: Sharanyan Sharma, Harshi Samarasekera, Balasingam Saruban, Jackshanan Vignarajah, Miyuran Sivananthan, and Madhusoothanan Venkataraman.

Previously, we’ve seen Startup Weekends in Jaffna, Colombo, Vanni, and Negombo. And Startup Weekend Trincomalee will likely follow the same approach. You come, pitch your idea, form a team, work with mentors to refine your idea, and then actually build it. And it doesn’t have to be about tech. You can pitch any type of idea at a Startup Weekend. The choice is up to you. Startup Weekend Trincomalee will be held from the 27th to the 29th of October 2017 at Trinco Beach Hotel, Trincomalee. Here’s how it’s going to happen.

Day One

Beginning on Friday 27th of October 2017, you can head over to Trinco Beach Hotel where Startup Weekend Trincomalee will be held. Registrations begin at 6.30 PM so be sure you’re on time and don’t miss out on anything. Following registrations, you can get a chance to network with others attending as well.

Startup Weekend Trincomalee
Pitching ideas on Day 01 of Startup Weekend

Soon after, the event kicks off and you get to pitch your idea. Once you pitch, the goal is to get votes from the rest of the participants. The ideas with the most amount of votes would go forward to the next rounds. Once voting is done, teams will be formed. Once that is done, it’s time to get down to business and start developing your product.

Day Two

Over the course of the second day (Saturday 28th October), you will have the opportunity to discuss your idea with mentors. They will work with you to guide you through any obstacles you and your team would face. In addition, there will also be sessions by a number of speakers who are industry experts to give you some insights as well.

The speakers and mentors of Startup Weekend Trincomalee
The speakers and mentors of Startup Weekend Trincomalee

Day 03

Sunday 29th of October is where it all happens; 54 hours of hard work and dedication would lead to this. Beginning from morning, teams will make their final presentations and show off what they have been working on. You’re encouraged to pull off all the stops if you want to make your way to the top. Once the final presentations are done, it would be the moment we are all waiting for. The moment to see who is crowned the winner of Startup Weekend Trincomalee. Make sure to bring a party hat to celebrate.

Why should I attend Startup Weekend Trincomalee?

At the end of the day, you would have gained an insight and a wealth of knowledge over the past 54 hours at Startup Weekend Trincomalee than you would have anywhere else over the course of 54 hours. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, designer, developer or you just have a really cool idea that you want to work on, we encourage you to be a part of Startup Weekend Trincomalee. If you’re interested, you can register and buy tickets by clicking here.

So what are you going to be doing over the weekend?


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