The Global Cyberlympics: Sri Lanka in the Finals!


The Global Cyberlympics is arguably the BIGGEST hacking competition in all of history. What is the Cyberlympics? Like the name suggests, it’s a worldwide competition – except this one’s for hackers. It’s organized by the EC-Council Foundation and endorsed by the UN’s Cybersecurity arm – not to mention various cybersecurity agencies of nations all over the world. Surprisingly, the competition is driven by awareness / peace-keeping intentions. Promoting awareness on what ethical hacking is, and helping foreign ethical hackers connect with each other. Well, it’s a good goal.

And this time, a Sri Lankan team is in the Finals.

In the Cyberlympics, the world’s best teams go head-to-head, pitting their cyberattack and defense skills in a series of hacker games. There’s a description of what each team has to go through here: it details a whole series of challenges. Each one targets a different skillset. The early rounds were mostly forensics – snooping, tracking attacks, and analyzing network weaknesses, not to mention the likes of OS hacking. The real hardcore stuff is ahead. One of the game segments has teams actively hacking, capturing and then defending their piece of the network against everybody else.  Feed that to 1200 hackers representing 51 countries, most of them industry experts and researchers. Result: the biggest hackathon on the planet.

Now the finals for this will be held at Hacker Halted in Miami on the 29th of October – Sri Lanka’s stake is a team known as “WhiteHat”. The six-member team is Sri Lanka CERT Engineers Roshan Chandraguptha and Kanishka Yapa,  Dharshin De Silva, a Senior Systems Security Engineer from Millennium IT, Chathura Abeydeera an Information Security / Forensics consultant, Nimantha Wickremasinghe a Trainee Systems Engineer  of IFS R &D International Pvt Ltd and Buddhika Niroshan, an Information Security Engineer of Lankacom.

What they’re facing is the Capture the Flag skill challenge. They’re going to have to use the given tools to break into and take over a set of target hosts. Once that’s done, they’ll be defending those hosts against the brutal hacking attacks of the other teams. On behalf of Readme and Sri Lanka: we wish them all the best. Break those codes folks!

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