Say Goodbye to Mobile Ads; Adblock Browser Launches For iOS And Android


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When you’re not browsing the web or looking at cat videos, and you really want to get some work done, the first thing you notice these days is the sheer amount of ads and popups that appear in your browser. These are sometimes the result of malware infecting your PC or just advertisers waiting to make a quick buck, but the end conclusion is always the same. Ads are annoying. Fortunately if you were a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox user, you had a solution; Adblock Plus. This nifty extension guaranteed that any and all popups and ads on a site were blocked permanently and you could get back to your cat videos in peace.

The only issue with this was that Adblock Plus was restricted to PC use. So if you had an android smartphone or tablet, you were once more subject to cheap Rolex deals and even ads that were inappropriate to you and those around you.

Now with more than 400 million desktop installations to its name, it was only a matter of time before Adblock Plus became available on mobile devices. And guess what, it happened.

Image taken from
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Eyeo, the company behind the extension, initially carried out testing of the app back in 2013 but ran into issues with Google. From there it was decided that they would implement all the feature of Adblock Plus into their own browser. Yes that’s right. Adblock Plus now has its own browser and it’s available for download on iOS and Android. According to the developers, the new Adblock Browser will offer fast browsing, which is also safe and free of annoying ads. It also claims to speed up page loads and save data. It’s also supposedly said to conserve up to 20 percent of battery life by allowing users to choose whether they wish to restrict tracking cookies, malware domains and social media sharing buttons.

Akin to its desktop counterpart, Adblock Browser can either block all ads or let the user decide which ads to show depending on the user’s favorite site in order to receive advertising revenue.

Image taken from
Image taken from

Coincidentally (or not), the launch of Adblock Plus comes just one day before Apple’s launch of the latest iPhone where it’s expected to explain how iOS 9 users will be able to block content from loading in the default browser app (and also how iOS has a separate folder for screenshots and a selfies album, but that’s a whole different story).

This of course means that with Adblock’s new browser, and Apple’s new web filters, we actually maty see a drastic reduction in the amount of ads seen on mobile as well as desktop. Yay! More cat videos for everyone.



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