Google Goes 3D


Google recently added one more things to their search box. Providing you have a web-GL enabled browser and nessesorry hardware, if you type a two variable function in Google’s search box on the desktop will graph an animated, interactive, 3D plot right in your browser.  You can click anywhere in the graph to rotate it to check out different angles, or scale the view by zooming in or out, or by editing the range in your equation or in the lower-right legend box


While Google has moved from displaying search result to providing answers, many Technology/IT writers have indicated that this move is a clear defence for Wolfram Alpha,  which is Apple’s Siri partner for math and science questions.

Try these functions on your browser.

sqrt(cos(3*x))*cos(100*y)+1.5*sqrt(abs(x)) + 0.8 x is from -1 to 1, y is from -1 to 1, z is from 0.01 to 2.5

Google Goes 3D 6



Google Goes 3D 7


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