Google Acquires Team Behind LeapDroid


What Is LeapDroid?

Android emulation on PC is certainly a growing market. The simple reason being that it gives people the ability to play their favorite games and also use their favorite Android apps from the comfort of their own laptop. Plus you get a performance boost unlike a smartphone such as a larger screen, larger battery capacity and also more storage space. While many emulators exist, one in particular has been steadily gaining popularity. Leapdroid.

Launched in 2015, LeapDroid’s goal was to be the fastest and the best Android emulator for PC. Minus a few issues, the app has indeed been living up to its goal.

The main interface of LeapDroid
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Recently, the team behind LeapDroid announced that they would be joining Google. While this news is good for the team, it also has a bad side: the emulator will no longer continue to be developed.

Co-founders of Leapdroid, Huan Ren and Huihong Luo explained that while it is too soon to elaborate on any specific plans, they are looking forward to work with Google to expand the horizons of technology and also to expand the knowledge that they have

Just to make things clear, the team stated that they are not affiliated with Google. So this is not a flat-out acquisition of the company. Rather, Google has simply hired the team behind Leapdroid to come work for them. If you are already a LeapDroid user, you can still run it the software. But there will be no future updates. Official downloads and mirrors for the emulator too have been taken offline.

We are rather curious on as to what plans Google has by hiring a group of individuals such as these. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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