Google Wants Everyone To Use AR Stickers With Motion Stills


When Google released their flagship Pixel 2 smartphone, it came with a plethora of mindblowing features. Perhaps the coolest of these was AR stickers. Using the camera of the Google Pixel 2, you could add a number of various AR characters and snap a few pics of them. For example, there were a bunch of Star Wars characters such as a life size Storm Trooper who you could just drop into the frame. The sticker had incredibly accurate ligaments and even cast a proper shadow in the photo.

AR Stickers Motion Stills
Star Wars themed AR Stickers on the Google Pixel 2 (Image Credits: Android Authority)

The problem was that it was only available for the Google Pixel 2. Following that, a developer by the name of Arnova8G2G who is a senior member on XDA launched a modified version of the AR Sticker, AR Core and Google Camera APK so that it could run on other non-Google Devices.

Now everyone can have AR Stickers

Today, Google announced that they would be adding support for augmented reality stickers in the company’s Motion Stills app. In case you were wondering, the Motion Stills app by Google Research lets you capture short videos and transform them into cinemagraphs or sweeping cinematic pans. It does so by using a mix of advanced stabilization and rendering technologies. You can even use it to create looping GIFs or mix and match clips to make movies which you can share with friends.

AR Stickers Motion Stills
The stickers do offer some otherworldly experiences (Image Credits: BeeBom)

While AR Stickers were initially for the Google Pixel 2 (as mentioned above), the AR Stickers for Motion Stills makes is less advanced and also doesn’t rely on Google’s ARCore platform. Rather, it uses a device’s existing accelerometers and gyroscopes to cook up a similar experience.

Using Motion Stills and AR Stickers

Using the accelerometer and gyroscope of your device, a virtual object can be placed on a flat surface such as a table or even a hand. Location tracking is actually pretty on point and you can even turn the object and resize it with two fingers.

AR Stickers Motion Stills
It seems my pet Hen-rietta laid an egg

While not as detailed as the AR stickers on the Google Pixel 2, the results do come remarkably close. As of now, the AR Stickers for Motion Stills include a dinosaur, polygonal chickens and robots. The update is available now for Android users on any recent device with a gyroscope.

If you haven’t used Motion Stills, you can download it for Android and iOS.


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