Google Chrome Pushes Facebook Notifications to Mobile Web Users


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Call me crazy but I’m actually not a huge fan of the Facebook mobile app for Android. Yes it does make signing into other accounts a lot easier, but it’s also a huge memory and data hogger.

Hence my decision to switch over to Chrome. Recently I noticed that with Google’s introduction of the Chrome Push API, Google has also made it possible for websites to push notifications through the mobile Chrome app. In addition, Facebook has also now joined the party after collaborating with the popular search engine to offer its users easy to use push notifications. So you get all of the notifications but none of the bloat.

If you like me are not a fan of Facebook’s app then this would definitely keep you happy. For one there are those whose smartphones lack a lot of storage and also processing power. Just as an example, on my Nexus 5, the app took around 220MB of storage and an additional 100MB of data. That’s almost 350MB for just one simple app, especially if you’re running low on space.

Apart from being mobile friendly, the mobile site of Facebook is also known to be faster, less data consuming and of course no need to update every single day (something that happens regularly if you use the Facebook app).

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The process of enabling and setting up Facebook push notifications through Chrome is a simple process. One needs to update the Chrome app, go to and sign into your account. From there a request to allow push notifications would pop up. Simply press “Allow” and you’re good to go.

In addition, you can also double check by tapping on the 3-dot menu button, navigating to Settings->Site Settings->Notifications and checking if Facebook is in the “Allowed” section.

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I feel that this is indeed an important milestone for mobile communications and social media platform. Native apps will still exist, no doubt about that, it just makes the process a lot simpler, especially if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, but just want to get in touch with users when an important notification becomes available.

Facebook isn’t the only App though, Beyond the Rack, eBay, Pinterest, Product Hunt, and VICE News, Roost and Mobify also have support for push notifications through Google Chrome.

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