Google To Combine Chrome OS And Android


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I remember my friend Yudhanjaya was on the lookout for a laptop that was powerful yet affordable. The first thing that popped into his mind was the Chromebook. Running ChromeOS which is similar to Android but lacking that level of customizability, the device did seem to perform well.

Now it appears that the life of Chromebooks is about to change. Google recently announced that they are planning on merging Chrome OS and Android. As such, the Chromebook lineup would be rebranded and will run a hybrid of Chrome OS and Android. The name of Google’s Chrome browser however remains the same.

In addition, according to reports, the new OS will also run on PCs, giving users’ access to Google’s Play Store and the likes from laptops and other computers.

There is no date set in stone on as to when the new version of Android would be launched, but it was speculated that Google would launch it around 2017, but an early access version may become available towards the latter part of 2016.

The development of ChromeOS and Android has done so in leaps and bounds. For example, in 2014 Google launched Android apps that could run on Chromebooks. In addition, Android users who owned Chromebooks were given the ability to unlock their devices via their smartphones.

Google also showed off the Pixel C, a tablet/laptop hybrid, in September. The design of the device was spearheaded by the same team behind Google’s flagship Pixel Chromebook, even though the Pixel C runs Android. This fun fact could be taken as a sign that Google is changing the way they think about Android and Chrome.

Though Chromebooks are quite popular in schools, they are not as popular as Android devices. With the rebranding of these devices, Google may be looking to attract more users to the Android platform. The devices are already cheaper than most laptops and premium tablets so if they pitch it properly, it will definitely work.

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