Google I/O 2014: Missing the Magic? Watch Anyway!


We’re all excited to be going to Google IO today. Last time was a blast, and we expect this time to be better. There’s also free pizza involved, so what could possibly go wrong?

However, we’re aware that not everyone who wants in has got a pass, because the event registrations hit the roof and closed a couple of days ago. To recap, this is what you’ll be missing out on:


However, all is not lost. Google is livestreaming most of it at

If you want to watch the whole thing on your tab or smartphone (we can’t fathom why, but just in case), there’s an app for that here on the Play Store. Simply install and enjoy.

There’s quite a bit in here that are going to be exclusive to Sri Lanka – for example, that speech on Youtube and Social Media will be done by Iraj and mCommerce in Sri Lanka will be a piece by Dulith Herath. For those, we’ll be floating our live blog – expect the links going up at 7 PM today.


You’ll literally be getting the best of both worlds. The local event – Google I/O Extended 2014 – is going to be missing out most of the content from that livestream and the international event won’t be having our folks onstage. We’ll see you on the other side of the looking glass.


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