Get Ready For Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018 by Dialog and GDG Sri Lanka


Google’s biggest annual developer conference, Google IO kicks off in a few days. So what exactly is the big deal with Google IO? Well, for starters, its where everything related to Google gets announced. The actual Google IO Conference happens from the 8th of May 2018 to the 11th of May 2018 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View. Now before you go packing your bags and getting your visa, hold on to your seats.Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018 is happening!

Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018
Image Credits: MobileSyrup

For those who can’t make it to the actual conference, there’s always the Google IO Extended programme. This is essentially a 12-hour event kicking off from the evening on the 8th to the morning of the 9th of May. We’ve been to a number of Google IO Extended Sri Lanka programmes over the years and they’ve all been quite eventful.

For 2018, once again, Dialog Ideamart, in collaboration with GDG Sri Lanka will be hosting the Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018 conference. The event will be held at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center from 5 pm on the 8th to 5 am on the 9th of May.

What can we expect from Google IO 2018?

Well, that is indeed an interesting question. While we don’t exactly know what Google will be announcing at Google IO, it’s safe to assume that they will be talking about on one or more of the following topics.

Android P

Hitherto unnamed, the latest version of Google’s Android operating system is already available on devices such as the Google Pixel 2 as an unfinished developer preview. But that’s it. As per tradition, we can expect that Google IO is where we’ll learn more about the upcoming version of Android. This is where we’ll see what new features will appear and also what it’ll be called. Our money is on Popsicle at the moment.

Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018
Android P Developer Preview running on a Google Pixel device (Image Credits: ExtremeTech)


Android Wear 3.0

Launched almost a year ago, Android Wear 2.0 brought some serious changes to Android Wear devices. Some of these changes were its own app store along with more interactive watch faces. We’re expecting Android Wear 3.0 to have even more changes and improved efficiency along with battery saving features as well.

A greater push towards VR

Daydream by Google was the company’s push into the world of Virtual Reality. Initially announced in 2016, we saw improvements to both the headset and the platform throughout 2017. Additionally, it also worked to steadily increase the amount of VR content available to make the platform attractive. Will 2018 be the year that Google makes Daydream available and affordable to all? We’ll have to wait and see.

Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018
The Daydream headset created by Google and Lenovo (Image Credits: CNET)

What about Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018?

Well, apart from the announcements and surprises by Google (which will be live-streamed), we can also expect a number of presentations and speeches by a number of famous individuals as well. This years list features both local tech industry experts to celebrities like Kumar Sangakkara. 

Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018
The stage inside the conference hall at Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2017 (Image credits: Udara Sampath Bandara)

Apart from that, there is also going to be the Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018 Awards. This is where you can vote for your favorites in a number of categories such as YouTuber of the Year, Sri Lankan Android App of the Year, Tech Startup of the Year, Tech Blogger of the Year, Best Ideamart App Based on Google Technologies, and Tech Startup Female Entrepreneur of the Year etc. You can check out all the categories and vote for your favorites by clicking this link.

In addition, those who have registered for Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018 by Dialog will also be entitled to a number of goodies. These could include T-shirts. Collectibles and also refreshments to help you stay up the whole night.

Registrations for Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018 by Dialog Ideamart and GDG Sri Lanka have already closed. Those lucky enough to be accepted have gotten their invites or will be getting their invites soon in the coming days. We too will be attending the event so if you see us, come on over, say hello and take a selfie or two.

If you cannot make it for Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018 by Dialog, don’t worry. We will bring you all the details of the event as and when it happens. All you need to do is to stay tuned to our Instagram and Twitter feed.


  1. I already registered but I can’t get any email response. Please help me. I like to goin this programme.

  2. I already registered but I can’t get any email response. Please help me. I like to goin this programme.


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