Google Launchpad Accelerator Hits Sri Lankan Waters


If you’re a startup doing your own thing, then you would probably know all about startup accelerators. If you don’t, I would suggest you start reading up on them immediately. A startup accelerator is essentially a fixed term program for startups. These programs include mentorship, support and generally all the tools you need to help your startup grow and venture forth into the world. Sounds exciting? Well, what if we told you that Google could help your startup?

Google’s Launchpad accelerator is one such accelerator that allows startup founders by supporting their startups via a number of methods such as mentorship and equity-free support. By utilizing the power of Google’s various technologies, Google Launchpad Accelerator would essentially help startups be the very best that they can be.

Google Launchpad Accelerator
An example of Google’s Launchpad Accelerator
Image Credits: Edgy Labs

Currently, Google Launchpad Accelerator is available in a number of countries and regions such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Here’s where the exciting news comes in. Google Launchpad Accelerator is also opening its doors for Sri Lanka as well. Among the newly added countries to the program are Myanmar, Estonia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Costa Rica, Peru, Eygyp, Morocco and many more countries.

Applying for Google Launchpad Accelerator?

If you are one of the lucky startups selected for the program, then you will be invited to the Google Developers Launchpad Space in San Francisco.

Google Launchpad Accelerator
Image Credits: Android Developers Blog

Here you will have 2 weeks of all-expense paid training where you will gain valuable knowledge from over 20 Google teams and expert mentors from some of the top Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. All participants would receive equity-free support, credit for Google products and they would also form a strong bond with Google when the startups would return to their home countries during the 6-month program.

What are requirements for Startups?

Well, firstly, you have to be a technological startup. You also have to be targeting your local market to pitch your product. Your product/service should also be market fit and market ready and not just an idea. Lastly, your startup should also be in one of the countries that Google Launchpad Accelerator is in.

If your startup meets all these requirements, then you’re good to go. The folks over at Google would also be looking at what problems you’ve addressed with your startups’ concept and how you’re trying to solve it. They would also pay special attention to whether you’re sharing your knowledge with other startups in your local ecosystem.

If you think your startup has what it takes, you can head over here and submit your application. You will obviously need a valid Google account to submit your application to do so. The deadline for application submission will be the 2nd of October 2017 at 9AM PST (9.30pm local time).



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