Google Maps Helps You Find Where You Parked Your Car


Remembering where you parked your car especially on a busy day on a bustling city street can be in a daunting task. Add an enormous parking mall to that and you have the recipe for quite a bit of walking. Luckily, Google seems to have had a clairvoyant moment and added a new interesting feature to Google Maps.

If you’re a beta tester of Google Maps, then you would notice that Google Maps now comes equipped with a number of features that would help you in remembering where you parked your car. Sadly, if you’re an iOS user, then you’re out of luck.

The first of these features enables you to define your parking location by simply tapping on the blue location dot. From there, you can select the “Save your parking” option from the pop up menu that appears on screen. Obviously, you will need to be signed into Google Maps on your smartphone for this feature to work, even if you’re a beta tester.

Google Maps
Image taken from Mashable

Once that is done, you can also add a parking note to remind yourself the exact location of where you parked. You can also set a timer to remind you how long you can park your vehicle for, which is useful if you get distracted while shopping. If all else fails, you can also add photos to remind you of where exactly you parked to help you remember in case you forget.

Google Maps
Image taken from Mashable

Apple Has these too. But there’s a small catch

Apple Maps on iOS 10 also has features similar to this. For example, the parking location of your vehicle is automatically marked as soon as you step out of the vehicle. It also lets you add notes and photos to your parked car’s location as well. There’s one small catch. It requires a Bluetooth connection between your car and your iPhone. So if you parked your car 10 feet away, then it won’t be a problem. If not, that could be rather problematic.

When will the update for Google Maps be available?

If you’re a beta tester of Google Maps, then you should see an update available in the Google Play Store. There is currently no exact data on when it will be made available to the public or whether it will be available to iOS either.


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