Google Play Music Now Supports Podcasts


In an attempt to win over the hearts of those who are podcast enthusiasts, Google Play Music was rumored to implement support for podcasts. This was brought up again in October 2015 where they said that it would be coming in the next few months.

Podcasts for everybody!

Announced via the OfficialAndroid blog, Google announced a Podcast section for it’s web and Android Music App. Sadly there is no word on the release for iOS yet. The update is rolling out in stages for users in the US and Canada although Google is yet to reveal if it will be rolling out to other regions.

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In the blogpost, Google goes on to explain that “Starting today on the web and rolling out on Android in the U.S. and Canada, we’ll connect you with podcasts based on what you’re doing, how you’re feeling and what you’re interested in”.

Akin to the contextual playlists for music, Google’s goal is to make it easy to find the right podcast for users. For example, Google further states in the blogpost that you “Learning Something New” can help you pick up interesting topics at a dinner party via episodes from Stuff You Should Know or How To Do Everything. You could even spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with episodes from Radiolab or Reply All, or relax after a long day to Marc Maron’s WTF or Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdist,” Google further states in the blogpost.

Users can subscribe to content and the last several episodes will be automatically downloaded on their device and they can even choose to be notified each time a new episode is released.

You can read the full blogpost here.

Are you a fan of Podcasts? Do you use Google Play Music to listen to podcasts?

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