Google Voice Calls You to Help in Recognizing Your Accent


How many times have you tried voicemail-to-text functions just to laugh at how humiliating their transcriptions could be? For me, it’s one the best things to tryout with a boring friend. However, at the end of the day, don’t we all agree that Google Voice could be a useless feature for Sri Lankan accents? I do, because Google transcripts my name as “Bingo” almost every time.


Not just us, even the Google Tech Lead Manager Alex Wiesen admits that Google’s transcriptions could be “unintentionally hilarious”. But he wants it to improve it and he requires your assistance to do so.

Now, once you log into Google Voice on your web, you will get the option to anonymously share individual voicemail messages to automated systems for analysis. Rather than sending one-by-one, you can also participate in this project directly by allowing Google Voice to send all of your voicemail messages for analysis. Don’t feel penalized now; you can disable it anytime by going into Google Voice’s settings.

So why not spend your trolling time with Google Voice to actually make it accurate? It could end those minimize those hilarious transcripts but it could save a lot of time tapping a small screen to write a long message.


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