Google wants to help you become an artist with AutoDraw


I love art but I am a terrible artist. This is a thought that goes through the minds of many whenever we see a great piece of art. Thankfully, some of those minds work at Google and want to help us all become great artists. That’s the idea behind Google’s latest AI powered experiment: AutoDraw. This is a new drawing tool by Google that wants to help you become a great artist.

The idea behind it is simple. All you have to do is just select a color and then scribble the object that you want to draw on a canvas. Afterwards, AutoDraw then uses its machine learning powers to recognize and transform your doodles into drawings done by professional artists. It does so by analyzing your doodles and giving you suggestions of objects it resembles at the top of the canvas. Just click the suggestion that shows the object you want and voila! Your doodle gets transformed into a professional drawing.

Additionally, you can also add text to your creations, standards shapes, and even fill them with different colors. After you’re done with your masterpiece you can easily share it with the rest of the world. This can either through social media or you can download it as an image. All this can be done on your computer, tablet, and even your phone. AutoDraw works everywhere.

An example of what is possible with Google AutoDraw (Image credits: DigitalTrends)
An example of what is possible with Google AutoDraw (Image credits: DigitalTrends)

So how does AutoDraw work? We don’t know the exact details but we do know that it’s powered by machine learning. To be precise, the suggestion tool uses the same technology as another AI experiment by Google: QuickDraw. Released in November 2016, QuickDraw was a game where you’d have to draw an object and hope that the AI recognizes it within 20 seconds. The goal of QuickDraw was to build the world’s largest database of doodles. Today, we’ve seen what Google was aiming to do with this database. If you’re an artist, you can help add objects to AutoDraw by clicking here.

At the end of the day, AutoDraw is a great statement that shows us exactly how powerful technologies like machine learning can be. While Google describes AutoDraw as a design tool, it’s still got a long way to go. If you want to create something that looks stunning on a professional level, you will still need to use tools like Canva or Adobe Illustrator.

Nonetheless, AutoDraw is an experiment that holds great promise. The promise that one day all of us can create stunning art thanks to the power of AI with the only limitation being our imagination. So what’s stopping you from taking the first steps towards being a great artist? Click here and start creating art with AutoDraw.


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