Google’s Cloud Video Intelligence API Is Pretty Cool


We’ve all used Google Images to search for an image. You simply enter in the search keyword and results are given to you almost instantaneously. But what about videos? How does one search for a particular object or element in a video without having to literally go through the whole video? This is where Google’s Video Intelligence API comes into play.

Say Hello to Google’s Cloud Video Intelligence API

At the recently held Google Next Cloud conference, Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist of AI and machine learning at Google Cloud spoke about the present and future applications of AI being developed by Google.

Among these was Google’s Cloud Video Intelligence API. This API, currently available to developers in a closed beta, will literally take a video and analyze it, in order to make their contents searchable. The video contained footage of a dog where the API identified the dog as a dachshund and then also understood that the entire video was a commercial.

A demo of Google's Cloud Video Intelligence API in actionImage taken from: VentureBeat
A demo of Google’s Cloud Video Intelligence API in action
Image taken from: VentureBeat

Essentially, with Google’s Cloud Video Intelligence API, you will be able to search one or more videos using keywords that you define. The API will then show a list of results showing you exactly where in the video the objects in your keyword appear. You can see a bit of the demo from the video below.

According Google the Video Intelligence API would enable developers to take advantage of Google video search capabilities despite them not having a background knowledge of machine learning or computer vision. According to Fei-Fei Li, the API is for large media organizations and consumer technology companies, who want to build their media catalogs or find easy ways to manage crowd-sourced content.

Even though the Video Intelligence API is currently limited to a closed beta, the tool could be a massive hit with a service such as YouTube where you could search through almost 1 billion+ videos thus opening up a greater level of discovery. You no longer have to imagine. All you need to do is simply search for it.

You can sign up for the closed beta of Google’s Video Intelligence API here.


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