Tantalize 2012: the final word


Tantalize 2012 was a great show. In fact (as we sit in the darkness going over what we’ve seen so far) – we’ve seen some amazing talent up on the stage tonight. But this is a competition, and every competition must have winners.

Here come the judges’ verdict:

Solo dance:

  Coming in second: Shehan Ekanayake

  The winner: Dinel  from NIBM – the incredible dubstep mime artist

Group dancing:

  Second: Pirates Crew from SLIIT, with their fantastic neon dance moves

  Winner: Ferocity 911 from ACBT


  Second: Thilini and Himalsha from APIIT

  Winners: Shanaka and Ruwini

Solo singing:

  Chanaka Pieris from APIIT

  Winner: Nirmal Silva from University of Moratuwa

Solo – instrumental:

  Second: Thimira, the Human Beatbox

  Winner: jazz prodigy Shehan Jayasuriya

Battle of the bands:

  Second place: Ruin from APIIT

  Winners: S.E.X: from Auston Institute


Most popular Solo performer: Nirmal Silva

Most popular Group: Pirates Crew


All in all? Not entirely unexpected. Each an every one of these performers did their level best and entertained the audience very, very well. Personally, we feel the judges make some pretty fair decisions. It’s also 12 am, so here’s a final batch of photos to round things off. Here’s to a job well done to the organizers and the talented compere who directed the show today.
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