Five Great Facebook Groups You Should Know About


Since 2008, online forums gradually started to decline, with Facebook groups replacing them left, right and center. There are millions of Facebook groups, scaling from 5-10 members to millions of members from around the world. Even in Sri Lanka, there are groups with over 500,000 members.

While most of the huge Sri Lankan groups are filled with classifieds and spam, there are few brilliant groups that really stand out. Here are some of the best:

Geek Club of Sri Lanka

geek club

The Geek Club is probably one of the most active and attractive groups for geeks in Sri Lanka. The topics vary from latest superhero news, comics, memes, and tons of humorous fan art to make your inner-geek giggle awkwardly.

Initially, it started out as a great place to find out about the latest geeky Sri Lankan trends (e.g. Google Translate Sinhala).  Right now, it’s skewed mostly towards comic books. So at some point in its history, the admins spun off two other groups – including one called “Sci-Tech, Art, Hobbies”, where the intellectuals hang out.

There’s also monthly, themed events organized by the admins to bring their members together (the Geek Meet, Nerd Salon), and these events invariably attract some of the geekiest people in Colombo. They’re one of the biggest reasons for me to make Geek Club a must for this round-up.


Sri Lanka – Photographers Club


Another club filled with relevant posts by relevant people. The wall of photographers club is filled with nothing but eye-catching photography by enthusiastic Sri Lankans.

The Photographers Club consists of 18,000+ members and has a lot of active members who post their own clicks as well as appreciate others’ posts. There are timely challenges where members select a topic and post pictures, taken from both DSLRs and phones. Everyone’s welcome, but it’s kept curated so as to keep out the noise.

It’s also a great place to ask for opinion on photo stuff. Whether you’re trying to pick a new camera or need help with taking a perfect picture of a mountain, this group is for you.




SL VFX is a group assembled by modelers, animators, and video editors who share their own work, help others to improve, and find career opportunities as well. Most posts are by independent graphic and interior designers. Along with that you have general VFX discussions, latest news, and even job offers. It’s a great place to find some hidden 3D talent in Sri Lanka.

If you’re one or if you are interested in finding one to hire, this is the place to be.


Gadgets Zone

Gadgets Zone is one the biggest classifieds groups in Sri Lanka. It’s generally just another group where people spam their old/new products, but then again, you can get your hands on some fine products for fine prices.

While it’s a spamfest, the variety is huge; you have the freedom to quickly scroll-down and list out multiple offers for the product you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for a secondhand phone or a battery for your tab, consider checking at Gadgets Zone as well.


Anime/Manga Addicts – Sri Lanka

Anime Manga2

The name says it all. Compared to the other groups I mentioned earlier, this one has only a small set of 750 members. The specialty of this group is that the posts are very relevant and the whole group has a very, very active core following with events to bring them together. I’m talking about fans that shout “baka!” or say “itadakimasu” before eating – people who’ve burned through terabytes of anime shows and can recite the Gundam serial numbers by heart.

Posts of this group vary from anime/manga news, heated fan-art, memes, and a lot of boku no pico references. It’s not always about anime, you never know when a kawaii version of Gandalf will pop-up in your news feed.

If you still didn’t check out this group, head over there right now –


That sums up some of the most happening groups in different categories in Sri Lanka. If you think there is more worth of competing in this list, post the link in the comments so everyone can see.



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