The Great Webcam Hack; Google Contributor; Micromax with Cyanogen; Giant Fighting Robots, A 2K+ Droid and More


Another day dawns, bringing with it a new set of feeds on our RSS. What’s happening in the world of tech today?

Google has rolled out something new: Google Contributor.
It’s not a platform in the same sense that Adsense is. Rather, it’s one where readers can directly donate to sites that they think are worthy – in Google’s words “Support the people who make the web”. It’s experimental at this stage, but we can really see this being a boon for great sites with a loyal following.  Mashable and the Onion are on board. We’re hoping great sites like Aeon Magazine can put this to good use.

Micromax, the Indian smartphone giant, is reportedly unveiling a new brand: Yu Televentures, a tie-up between Micromax and Cyanogen. Yu will be rolling out Cyanogen-based phones. We think it’s a terrible name for a brand – what about Yu? (Yu see what we did there?)

Big Brother just arrived. A Russian called is livestreaming footage of people in homes, gyms, offices, apparently obtained through vulnerable webcams. As of the time of writing, there’s over 4590 feeds from the US alone.

Of course, Reddit and the BBC are going haywire, with Redditors posting screenshots of women and the like. The site itself claims to be  “designed in order to show the importance of the security settings” and displays both the country it’s streaming from and the manufacturer of the webcams it’s using. Apparently the exploit is simple: whoever’s running the site is using default usernames and passwords to access these cameras.

Actual screenshot
Actual screenshot
And in another dose of awesomeness, Discovery Tech ran a piece on the MegaBots project, a Kickstarter that aims to bring every Gundam fans’ dream to life. Basically, they want to build giant robots that can play paintball.

Each robot is to be about 15 feet tall, weigh slightly under 7 tons and carry a human pilot and a gunner. Here’s the link to the full piece, complete with a photo gallery.

Meanwhile, Meizu, a little-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, released something called the MX4 Pro. The MX4 Pro looks and performs like the iPhone 7 should. It’s got a 2,560×1,536 screen an octa-core Exynos processor, 4G LTE, a 20.7 Megapixel back camera and runs Android 4.4. And it’s got something a lot like TouchID. It retails for around $400. In short, it sounds like the next big thing on the block. In a silent corner, those of our team who bought S5s and Nexus 5s stare in envy.


Last but not least, we’ve switched fonts. We used to be on Verdana, and now we’re on PT Sans. By the time you read this, that may have changed. Hopefully, you won’t even notice, and the site will be easier to read. However, while searching for fonts that would match, we did come across a stellar tutorial  – a Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Fonts. A very interesting and informative read, especially if you’re in the business of content or web pages.

Until tomorrow!


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