Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur At The GSEA 2018


The EO Global Students Entrepreneurship Awards or GSEA is a prominent program that recognizes and supports student entrepreneurs. Organized by The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) together with Spiralation, Startup Sri Lanka, AIESEC, Global Tutor and Tellida, the EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards is essentially open to any student who is currently studying for his/her bachelor’s degree and is also running a business.

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Thus far, the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards is the only student entrepreneurship competition that gives access to a worldwide network of over 11,000 successful entrepreneurs. You can use it as a catalyst to inspire yourself as a student entrepreneur to start and grow your entrepreneurial journey.

Lessons learned from GSEA 2016/17

In a clash of entrepreneurial wits, we saw Adhisha Gammanpila go on to win the GSEA National Finals with his product, Gurupaara. Gurupaara, in case you were wondering, is a platform to find lectures and notes along with tutorials for students sitting for their GCE Advanced Level examinations.

The winner of the GSEA 2017 National Finals: Adhisha Gammanpila

Having emerged victorious at a National level, Adhisha went on to take part in the GSEA 2016/17 Global Finals which were held in Frankfurt, Germany.

Get Ready For GSEA 2017/18

Now the time has come for a new breed of entrepreneurs. Yes, that’s right. Applications for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards for 2017/18 are now open. The deadline for applications is the 31st of January 2018 and the local competition will take place on the 8th of February 2018.

Now before you go into a panic and start throwing stuff at a wall, there are a few entry qualifications you need to possess in order to be eligible.

Applying for GSEA 2017/18

Firstly, you need to be enrolled in an undergraduate programme at a recognized college or university. If you already are, then congratulations. You’re one step closer. Next up, you will have to be owning and running your own for-profit business that has been operational for a minimum of 6 consecutive months. You should also not have been one of the top six finalists from any previous year’s GSEA Global Finals Competition. Lastly, you should be less than 35 years of age.

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If you have met all these requirements, then you’re ready to be a part of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. All you have to do is to click here to submit your application and you’re good to go.

Shortlisted applicants will be asked to do a presentation to a judging panel who will select the winner of the Sri Lankan competition who will then compete with the winners from over 50 countries in the GSEA Global Finals later this year.

Good luck to all those submitting their application and Godspeed to you all.


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