Guess How Old These IT Industry Leaders Are


One of the funnier things to come out of Microsoft’s Build2015 developer conference was the HowOldRobot. The premise is simple: Upload a picture of yourself and the HowOldRobot will tell you how old you look. It went viral when some smart chap used it on Ultron’s face and tagged it “the Age of Ultron”.

Now, we got curious. We don’t have an Ultron handy, but we do have the profile pictures of some of the most well-known and influential people in the IT industry. So, how old are they?


 Dulith Herath, the energetic CEO of Kapruka, is apparently 36.


Madu Ratnayake, Virtusa’s Head of Digital, Chairman of Sarvodaya-Fusion and SLASSCOM’s numero uno. We actually have no idea how old he is, so Microsoft might just be right here.

mano Whoops. Mano Sekaram, CEO of 99x and Yarl evangelist, is getting on in years.


Harsha Purasinghe, CEO of Microimage (possibly Sri Lanka’s oldest and most successful college tech startup), is looking quite young.


Meanwhile, Sanjiva Weerawana, CEO of middleware provider WSO2, is really, really close to batting that half-century.


What about Tony Weerasinghe, who pioneered Millenium IT? It looks like he’s discovered the Fountain of Youth. Or at least, built software for it.


Dinesh Saparamadu, the CEO of the hSenid Group. We suspect time travels slower for him than it does for others. Either that, or that’s a really good camera angle.


Then there’s Muhunthan Canagey, who started EPSI when he was 16. Given that he was on Echelon’s 40 Under 40 list last year, we’d say the bot got it right for once.


Of course, sometimes you do get sane estimates. This is Rohan Jayaweera, who rose to fame here for kickstarting a massive wave of Google communities. He’s in the pink.


Wellington Perera, the unofficial public face of Microsoft Sri Lanka (especially for the developers), seem to be the youngest around.

So how good is HowOldRobot? We’ll leave the answer to you. Drop us a line or let us know in the comments below.
Disclaimer: no CEOs were harmed in the making of this article.


  1. Glad to notice Harsha Subasinghe missing in the list… Makes this a list of real IT leaders, excluding ones who pretend like a big deal (Y)

  2. I thought Tony was much older thant 4x, He started @ DMS in the MID 80’s. He should be one of the Seniors who got the 1st to do most. Very able person.

  3. in a few years time another face will pop-up in the top list,
    and the guy’s name will be “Yudhanjaya Wijeratne”


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