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The Advance level examination is an important milestone for many Sri Lankan students. It is the exam that plays a key role in shaping the path a student follows to his/her higher education eventually landing them in a job. Therefore, A/L’s have become a deciding factor for many career choices in Sri Lanka. Now anyone who has ever sat for the A/L exams knows the struggle of finding a good tuition class. This is where Gurupaara comes in.

Traditionally, one needs to go through newspaper advertisements to find a good class. If that doesn’t go well then there is no other choice other than to just go with whatever class there is or the one your friends are going to. I personally had this issue and it was very difficult for me to find tutors for the subjects I did. It was mostly a matter of being on the lookout for tutors. Even from the ones I found, I did not have a choice but to select the best tutor from this lot to learn from.

Enter Gurupaara

Gurupaara is aiming towards solving the issues faced by students to find proper tutors by making the process simple. The exact moment after the homepage loads, a student can select the relevant stream, subject, language and the class type. After selecting the options, Gurupaara gives a detailed list of teachers a student can choose from. The details found in this list can vary based on the class type.

The Gurupaara homepage
The Gurupaara homepage

For tutors conducting individual classes, only the contact information is displayed. But the group and mass class category each of the tutors have their own profile. These profiles contain information such as the tutor’s timetable with the date, time, and location where the classes take place. After finding tutors Gurupaara also allows the students to compare the tutors. With these features, Gurupaara aims to help students find the best tutors to help them pass their exams.

The Gurupaara lesson alerts
The Gurupaara lesson alerts

The most notable feature is the “Lesson Alarm” feature where the student is able to set up an automatic alerting message on their mobile phone. These alerts instantly inform students when classes are cancelled, late to start or going to finish late. The alerts can be sent via Whatsapp, SMS and Email can be sent to the student’s or his/her parent’s mobile phone. This is a handy feature that can easily save the time of students, especially those travelling long distances to attend classes.

Our thoughts about Gurupaara

With one of the easiest user interfaces we’ve seen, this is a significantly easier way for students to find tutors. By digitizing this process, Gurupaara claims they’ve saved over 100 trees since they started. This is because this method reduces the need for printed advertising materials from being distributed. After all, many times have we seen tuition class cutouts and brochures thrown everywhere on the road? One too many. It is good to see the digital revolution happening and helping save the environment.

In conclusion, Gurupaara is a smart new website which can be used to find the perfect tutors. Furthermore, its alerts go a long way in helping save the valuable time of students. From what they’ve already developed, it is an established website which reduces the need for traditional tuition class advertising. By extension, it also helps save the environment.

They sure do have room for improvement to expand to other examinations later on. But if you’re an A/L student, then is definitely the website can use in order to find the perfect the teacher for tutoring. So if you’re interested in trying it out, you can do so here.


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