HackerNest launching with Techkatha meetup


Here’s some fantastic news for all the geeks out there: HackerNest is coming to Sri Lanka.

What’s HackerNest, you ask? HackerNest is an international nonprofit dedicated to building up smart, Silicon-Valley-ish tech communities everywhere. They do this by running social meetups – called Tech Socials – and hackathons.

We’re about to get our very first Tech Social the very antithesis of your average meetup here in Sri Lanka: instead of stand-up presentations and panel discussions, HackerNest Socials are a purely social, exclusive meetup where nerds get together, talk code, discuss grand new ideas and share a couple of drinks together. It’s a free forum. No speeches. No PowerPoint. To quote HackerNest itself, they protect nerdcore. They’re so popular that they’re Canada’s biggest tech meetup right now. Small wonder, then, that they’ve spread to some thirteen cities over three continents (not to mention 23,000 free drinks served).

This being the first HackerNest Tech Social, it’ll be done in collaboration with the Techkatha meetup on July 12th at the 11th Floor, DHPL Building, Nawam Mawatha. Simply head over to http://www.meetup.com/HackerNestCMB/ and get yourself tagged and bagged for the event. There won’t be any free beer, but that’s on the cards for the next one. Cheers!



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