Hacks, Hacks Everywhere: A Deadly New Trojan, Games That Draw Blood, Sony Pictures Wrecked



  • While we’ve been asleep, the Internet’s been flipping out. Symantec has unearthed a piece of malware so sophisticated that they say there’s definitely a government behind it.

    The malware is called Regin, and it’s been floating around undetected since 2008 – and according to the anti-virus blokes, it’s an unparallel feat of espionage that can perform mass surveillance on everything from individuals to government organizations. You can read the whitepaper here.

    “In the world of malware threats, only a few rare examples can truly be considered groundbreaking and almost peerless. What we have seen in Regin is just such a class of malware. It is built on a framework that is designed to sustain long-term intelligence-gathering operations by remaining under the radar. It goes to extraordinary lengths to conceal itself and its activities on compromised computers. Its stealth combines many of the most advanced techniques that we have ever seen in use.” – Symantec

    ZDNet’s pointed fingers at the US and UK, backed up by reports the Intercept.

  • Kickstarter banned a gaming controller that would draw blood

    when you take damage in-game. Yes, that sounds scary. It’s called Blood Sport. The concept was apparently along the lines of blood donation – a blood-collecting multiplayer unit that used a hacked Nintendo Rumble Pack and an Arduino to connect to a blood-drawing machine like what you’d find at a blood bank.

  • Photoshop’s now on Chromebooks. But not as a native app.

    Rather, the folks at Adobe have figured out how to stream Photoshopby placing the service on Google’s Compute Engine servers and connecting to it using Google’s Remote Desktop Extension, making even the low-powered Chromebooks decent Photoshoppers in a pinch. The downside? You need a good connection. Read CNET’s piece for full details.

  • Sony Pictures got hacked, big-time.

    A group calling itself #GOP broke into a single server and apparently proceeded to access “every computer over Sony Pictures” across America. They leaked emails, passwords, passports (including Angelina Jolie’s), budgets – pretty much everything. Employees were sent home preceding Sony investigations into the matter.
    sony hack

  • The hack.summit() is happening in December. Registrations are open.

    Some of the biggest names in development are going to be speaking virtually – including the creators of Bittorrent, After Effects, Googly Glass, Ruby on Rails, Heroku and others. It’s completely virtual and all proceeds are going to programming non-profits. The list of speakers looks amazing – drop by https://hacksummit.org/ to register.


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