HDFC Picks Intellect Digital Core


Intellect Design Arena recently announced that HDFC Bank of Sri Lanka is switching to Intellect’s Digital Core Platform. Digital Core is a platform wreathed in cryptic marketing copy “With a Single Source of Truth On Customer Data, Efficient Business Processes as well as Business Agility” but  in a nutshell, it seems to be a end to end platform for the bank that handles both the front and back office and packs a product designer to allow managers to launch new services faster. It appears to be Java-based.

Intellect is contracted to implement the Core Modules – Savings, Deposits, Loans and Advances, General Ledger, Operational Accounts, Leasing, Counter Operations, Remittances and “more focused modules such as, Pawning, Debentures, Audit Trail and Access Control with Single Sign-on Remittances and Services with Delivery Channels and Interfaces.” VSIS, a local firm, will be integrating the solution.


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