Say Hello To Helakuru Sinhala Voice Typing


Just days after Google updated GBoard to support Sinhala voice typing, the folks at Bhasha also unveiled their own version with Helakuru Sinhala voice typing. Powered by Google Voice recognition, the feature is optimized by Bhasha to offer better results in Sinhala. Here’s what everything you need to know about Helakuru’s latest update.

How do I get Helakuru Sinhala voice typing?

Sadly, this update isn’t available for iPhone users yet. But if you’re running Android, it’s pretty simple. If you’ve already got the Helakuru app, all you need to do is update the app. When you’re typing out a message, you would see a small microphone icon just above the Helakuru keyboard. Press it. All that’s left for you to do is speak what you want to type on the screen. In case if you haven’t got the app on your phone already, click here.

Helakuru Sinhala Voice TypingWhat’s different in the Helakuru update and the GBoard update

Well, to start off, Sinhala voice typing on GBoard requires a bit of configuration. You need to go to your settings and set Sinhala as the language for voice typing. In the case of Helakuru though, its just a matter of installing the app and using it as you normally would. It’s a minor convenience. But hey, still a convenience nonetheless.

I’ll admit. I’m not the one to use the voice feature on my smartphone much. But seeing a phone understand your mother tongue was pretty cool and fun at the same time. Both the apps aren’t exactly perfect in understanding everything we say in Sinhala. Additionally, both apps seem to find it difficult to follow an entire sentence. Well, that’s nothing to complain about really. This is a new feature after all. But if you look at which app understood us better, its actually difficult to point out a clear winner. Certain times the ability of each app to recognize Sinhala depends on the complexity of the word/phrase.

So there you have it. Those were our thoughts on the recent Helakuru Sinhala Voice typing update. It may not be an absolute essential feature for everyone. But its still a pretty cool feature to have around though.

Do tell us what your thoughts are regarding the Helakuru Sinhala voice typing feature. What fun phrases have you tried? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. it is very good for visually handicapped person like us. if we can use it with windows PC very valuable. thank you.


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