What to expect from the Hemas Slingshot Startup Battle at Disrupt Asia 2017


Last year saw the launch of Disrupt Asia 2016, which was organized by ICTA. One of the biggest attractions at this conference were the startup battles. At these startup battles, we saw entrepreneurs take the stage to pitch their startups with a fiery passion. This was because they weren’t simply pitching for the glory of winning a competition. They were pitching for funding from investors as well. Due to the immense success of the conference, Disrupt Asia 2017 is happening and so too are the startup battles. But this time, rather than three small but exciting startup battles, you’ll find one grand startup battle at Disrupt Asia 2017 powered by Hemas Slingshot.

Disrupt Asia. Hemas Slinghsot.
Image credits: Hemas Slingshot

In case you’re lost, Hemas Slingshot is a startup incubator and seed accelerator program run by Hemas. Its goal is to invest in and support the startups working to disrupt and change the world across various industries. So what can we expect from this grand startup battle? Here’s what we know about it.

How the Hemas Slingshot Startup Battle at Disrupt Asia will work in 2017

As you read these words, the 2017 Disrupt Asia Startup Battle is already underway. Applications for the Startup Battle are open. If you’re an entrepreneur that’s interested in a chance to win glory and obtain some valuable prizes that’ll help your startup rapidly grow, then get yourself registered today. Once applications close on the 16th of June the shortlisting process will begin.

Disrupt Asia. Hemas Slinghsot.
Image credits: Hemas Slingshot

During the shortlisting process, the organizers will be looking for the most promising startups in any industry. These shortlisted startups will be the ones that have a great idea and have already built a working product or prototype from the idea that’s disrupting the industry they operate in. The shortlisted startups will then be invited to participate at the semifinal of the Disrupt Asia Startup Battle. These semifinals will take place at Edulink International Campus on 30th June.

At this semifinal, the shortlisted startups will pitch to a panel of judges who will select the best three startups. These three startups will move onto the Grand Finale of the Hemas Slingshot Startup Battle. This Grand Finale will take place on the Main Stage of Disrupt Asia 2017 on 12th July 2017, where the top three startups will be pitching on the main stage. Here they’ll be pitching not only to a panel of judges but also to a massive audience attending the conference itself.

What’s in it for my startup?

Having read all that, if you’re an entrepreneur who feels you have what it takes with a solid product or service, then there are some great prizes in store. Additionally, you also have a chance of obtaining strategic investment from the sponsors to take your startup to the next level.  So what’s stopping you as an entrepreneur from pitching your startups to thousands and having the chance of walking away with fame, fortune and a place where you can easily work at to help your startup grow and reach new heights?

Disrupt Asia. Hemas Slinghsot.
Image credits: Hemas Slingshot

Registrations for the Disrupt Asia 2017 Startup Battle powered by Hemas Slingshot are now open. May the odds be in your favor.


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