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Heard of Startup Weekends? Well, intensify that a tad bit, add a Sri Lankan touch to it and you get Hikka Hack, with the usual assortment of sun, sea and the sand. For a start, Hikka Hack is an intense 36 hour hacking marathon (or rather hackathon) in which teams of like minded individuals share ideas, work together and make way to building a start-up. That is way less than the 54 hours you get at Startup Weekends!

If you might recall a similar event early last year, the first Colombo Hackathon saw teams like Yamu, Mywish, and Whackit earning top ranks. No different, this time too Hikka Hack is open to Start-up enthusiasts, developers, designers, marketers, managers and just about anyone with an idea for a good product or business. Happening at a scenic Citrus down Hikkaduwa (where waves and golden beach boys are common sight), the event is scheduled to kick of Saturday, 1st of June 2013 at 8.00AM. Yes they’re serious about the time!

Diving in gives you a window of opportunity to pitch in your ideas among start-up enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and tech investors in the country. What more? If you manage to brawl your way through to the final pitch you’ll be automatically selected to Venture Engine this year to have a shot at materializing your ideas.

Application is free. So there’s no second thoughts. And since only a limited number of teams will be selected there’s no point waiting either. All applicants will be interviewed on the 29th of May at Orion City. Selected 10 teams will be taken to Hikkaduwa on the 1st of June. Starting Saturday morning, the countdown begins till the final pitch on Sunday evening. So delay no further, Get your game-face on, Apply here!



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