How this all happens


While we wait for a fresh batch of photos to arrive, let us run you through on how this competition works. 
Firstly, undergraduates from private and public sector universities are invited to a seminar on Enterprise Mobility. These guys and girls then form teams (so far, team members have been from the same uni – no inter-university teams yet, though it’s all legal). The teams look at the market and industry, identify a need and propose a solution.

 A panel of experts then go over these proposals and select the best. Getting accepted is the first challenge: if the judges think your idea isn’t worth implementing, out you go. 

Next step: Motorola conducts workshop, assigns senior engineers as mentors to each team, and provide the hardware and software tools to the teams, who spend the next 5 months learning and working on getting their proposal up and running. When all’s done – viola: exhibition. The judges walk around examining each entry, and the teams have to do their level best to present their app in a favorable light. That’s how it’s happened for the past two years. This year is just bigger.



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