hSenid introduces Juraa – the first enterprise social network


Social networking has had a rocky relationship with the corporate world. Initially, Facebook and Twitter, although practical methods of communication were deemed taboo in certain workplace cultures. We’ve come a long way since then as offices have now evolved into comfort and convenience friendly atmospheres. The change is so far upon us that hSenid Business Solutions has gone to the extent of creating the first Enterprise Social Network (ESN) in the country.

Juraa as the ESN is named was launched at the National HR Conference held in the BMICH premises from 21-22 last month. “We believe that engagement should be the core of everything you do in office” according to the CEO of hSenid Business Solutions, Sampath Jayasundara. Accordingly, he said “It encourages employee engagement, collaboration and internal communication” making any team a competitive force in the market.

Internationally, enterprise social network collaborative tools like Jive and Yammer which allow in-house messaging have been popular. However, hSenid’s Juraa is completely designed and built in Sri Lanka, with international standards in mind.

Jura being unveiled at the National HR Conference (Image credits: hSenid)
Jura being unveiled at the National HR Conference (Image credits: hSenid)

Further explaining the benefits of using a collaborative tool, the CEO felt this would help organizations create, share and even develop knowledge be it of their products or market trends.

The virtual communication space is a two-way communication system he said. This allows for casual communication across the workplace hierarchy, and peer recognition. Methods of communication of this nature he felt is also a means of taking on challenges in a collaborative manner. Since communication can be among employees of various expertise, even grouping to take on an issue which calls for a diverse team can happen organically.

Priding themselves as a Human Resource Information Systems solution providers, Head of Products at hSenid, Asitha Goonewardena disclosed that Juraa is the result of much research. “The feature-rich ESN is on par with the global industry standards and is protected with the highest security standards.”

Their premise and cloud-based HR services and outsourcing currently has a global presence. Markets including Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore, India and Africa have now benefited from many of the company’s services. Spanning over 18 industries and 30 countries with 850 global clients, the Head of products remarked that Juraa is Sri Lanka’s chance to experience a “great tool for all the organizations that step into the new age of digital and social communication.”


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