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The Telco-Mobile Software solutions company, hSenid Mobile showcased its strategy yesterday in linking Telecom Operators to businesses at CommunicAsia2013, a global technology exhibition with gatherings of ICT leaders for industry updates, product and service launches and optimisation of business opportunities.

In connecting Telcos to businesses, hSenid ensures an upgraded mobile lifestyle and provides constructive mobile technologies that would enhance mobile usage. Leading businesses have already begun capitalizing on hSenid Mobile’s initiative and are reaching out to consumers. Telecom operators whose functionalities have transcended basic frameworks, now contribute towards integrating businesses, linking merchants to consumers and increasing revenue generation. The launch seems a timely mobile solution with consumers’ increased dependency for all daily transactions, business or otherwise.

The following are the platforms in which Telcos connect to Businesses to enable transactions:


Telco Network APIs

Telecom Operators can enable a developer ecosystem by exposing Open API which simplifies the complexity of Telco application development as it abstracts operator back-end integrations. This will result in creating multiple Telco apps, both at individual and enterprise levels. Enterprise Patterns such as Shopping, Utilities, Ticketing and Transport already implemented, allows a simpler mobile lifestyle. With the increase trend in apps, Telco services such as SMS, MMS, USSD, LBS and charging become significant. Thus, it becomes important to cater to that market which optimizes the use of apps.  


Mobile Payment ecosystem and mobile transactions via NFC

Through Mobile Payment Ecosystem payments, financing and banking transactions become viable on an m-commerce system. The introduction of NFC generates significant potential and value due to its usability, simplicity and security by enabling a ‘tap’ and ‘pay’ method. Moreover, NFC can be used for smart advertising to build campaigns tailor made to identify and attract potential customers.


Loyalty Rewards and Campaigns

Creating campaigns and loyalty management programmes are convincing methods of attracting new clientele. However, it also becomes important to remotely monitor usage patterns, diagnose limitations and provide an accurate campaign that enables Telcos to have a loyal customer base and improve decision making processes.


hSenid Mobile caters primarily to global Telecom and Financial markets. The software solutions company has been creating effective business models that heightened Value Added Services, providing wireless applications and back-end integrations that has evolved into next-gen Telco Platform converging Messaging, Mobile-Money, Operations/Business Support Systems and Core-Signalling.



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