hSenid’s FlipBeats wins big at the World Summit Awards 2015


Back in 2014, we found an amazing music player called FlipBeats. Built by a local Sri Lankan team at AppSpace, a mobile application venture of hSenid Outsourcing (which is a subsidiary of hSenid Software International) FlipBeats was an unusual app when we first found it. We say it was unusual because, unlike many of the other Sri Lankan apps, FlipBeats didn’t suck. This was a music player from Sri Lanka that not only worked, it looked great too.

Since then, the FlipBeats team has been hard at work upgrading the app, with a design focused approach. With this approach, the goal is to always introduce a new feature without losing the simplicity of the app.

Some of FlipBeats’ new features include being able to edit meta-data of songs (cover images, artist name, etc) and a social media feed to know what your friends are listening to. It’s Black Version not only gives a nice theme but also reduces power consumption by 75%. It also features an interesting set of basic equalizers, but if you want to customize it then FlipBeats’ advanced mode will now let you tweak every variable related to your music to give you the best sound. It’s music discovery and social feed has also been revamped to let you better know what your friends are singing and find as well as stream your favorite songs. FlipBeats also has the honor of being one of the 1st Apple Watch apps in the music category and the 1st Apple Watch app made in Sri Lanka.

Photo credits: AppSpace
Photo credits: AppSpace

Though, when it came to building the Apple Watch app the FlipBeats team had a challenging journey. Speaking with Sachi Wickramage – head of hSenid Outsourcing and the founder of FlipBeats, we learned that the team began building the Watch App almost immediately after the Apple Watch was announced. This meant having to use a simulator to develop the app as they didn’t have an actual Apple Watch for testing. In the end, they overcame a challenging journey to be one of the 1st music Apple Watch apps.

Take all these features into account and FlipBeats easily rivals some of the biggest music players available on both Android and iOS. For proof, one only needs to look at FlipBeats’ success record.

Since its launch, FlipBeats has 450,000+ downloads  and is now the top music player in Brazil. The app also has a bunch of prestigious awards to its name. Since we 1st found the app, FlipBeats has become a winner of the eSwabhimani award in 2014, a winner at NBQSA 2014, a finalist at APICTA 2014 and winner at the mBillionth Awards 2015.

Today, FlipBeats can add another prestigious award to that list. FlipBeats is a winner 2015 in the e-Entertainment and Games category at the prestigious World Summit Awards.

Occurring every two years, the World Summit Awards is aimed at selecting the world’s best e-Content and innovative information and communication technology applications. Partnered with the United Nations, the award gets applications from 178 countries. However, only 40 of these applications that are truly innovative have the honor of calling themselves winners.

To say it’s a great achievement for a Sri Lankan app to win such a prestigious award would be an understatement. To the FlipBeats team, we would like to offer our heartiest congratulations. We look forward to writing about your success in the future.

FlipBeats is available on both Android and iOS.  


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