Huawei expands in Sri Lanka and opens its new Experience Store in Colombo


Huawei is on a roll. Just last month, they launched two new phones in Sri Lanka: the high-end Huawei Mate 8 and the mid-range Huawei GR 5. We got our hands on a Huawei GR 5 some time back and it was a pretty impressive mid-range phone. You can check out our complete review of the GR 5 here. Having launched these two phones in Sri Lanka, Huawei has now opened its newest Experience Store in Colombo.

Located on Level 2 at Majestic City, the new Experience Store is where you can experience all things Huawei. From Huawei phones to accessories and everything in between, the new Experience Store is where you’ll be able to find it all. Additionally, Huawei also announced that the local market grew by 200% in 2014 and over 300% growth in the 1st quarter of 2015 which is a record achievement of sales.

Image credits: Huawei
Image credits: Huawei

Commenting about its growth Henry Liu – Country Head, Huawei Device Sri Lanka explained, “We are planning to achieve an overall market share increase of 30% by the end of Q4 FY16. We remain committed to Sri Lanka, and the opening of the Huawei Experience Store in Colombo exemplifies our focus to offer the best quality service and accessibility to latest technological advancements to our customers for an unbelievable price”.

He further added, “Huawei is becoming a popular smartphone brand among Sri Lankan consumers through the establishment of an emotional connection between the brand and its users and our strong support and distribution through SINGER makes the brand complete”.

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Image credits: Huawei

Today, Huawei is aiming at achieving $20 billion in global sales by selling 100 million smartphones globally. Additionally, the company is also investing in new areas such as wearables and smart home devices. Furthermore, according to GSK, Huawei is a leader in the Chinese smartphone market, being second only to Apple when it comes to high-end smartphones.

It’s clear that Huawei is in a state of rapid growth. Whether it’ll surpass Apple is a question we’ll know in time. However, one thing we know for sure is that Huawei is committed to the Sri Lankan market. Hopefully, we’ll see more Experience Store, making Huawei devices more widely available in Sri Lanka.



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