Huawei’s latest Nova 3 series has 4 AI cameras


You might remember Huawei’s Nova 2i from last year. The midrange smartphone quickly became quite popular among the consumers. Now, they’re introducing the latest addition to the Nova series, the Huawei Nova 3 and 3i. So what’s new exactly? We recently got a sneak peak. Here’s what you can expect.

An AI Quad camera system?

If you’ve been following Huawei’s recent releases, then you would know that the smartphone giant is paying special attention to its cameras. We’ve seen this with their budget range phones as well as their flagships too. The Nova 3 will pack a 24MP (monochrome) and 16 MP (RGB) at the back, while the Nova 3i will come with a 16MP+2MP rear cameras. Both phones will carry a 24MP+2MP front camera. Additionally, all 4 of these lenses will be powered by AI.

P20 Pro users would probably be already familiar with the AI camera. But the new additions with the Nova 3 series aim to take things up a notch. This includes features like AI Selfie Scenery Recognition and AI Beauty Algorithm. Simply put, the AI aspect would look to capture and optimize photographs based on varying elements for each environment. According to Huawei, the Beauty Algorithm even utilizes 3D facial recognition to enhance skin color and texture. Hence potentially offering a higher quality selfie.

“Huawei with its R&D teams have infused this feature into our smartphones and camera technology. This innovation enables advanced image recognition capabilities with the Nova 3 series introduction.” – Peter Liu, Country Head, Huawei Sri Lanka

In terms of rest of the hardware, both Nova 3 and 3i comes with a massive 128 GB memory. The Nova 3 will include the Kirin 970 processor and a 6 GB RAM. Its younger brother, on the other hand, will have the Kirin 710 processor and a 4 GB RAM.

Elevator Mode, Noise Removal, and GPU Turbo

Beyond the camera itself, there are few other AI implementations as well. For example, the “Elevator Mode” would help recover lost signals instantly, while the “AI Noise Removal” would remove unwanted background noises from a conversation.

Huawei Nova 3 and Nova 3i series
We caught a glimpse of the new additions to the Huawei lineup

Another perk of the Nova 3 series will be the GPU Turbo update. This is basically an update for a selected few Huawei devices. This update would increase graphics processing by 60% and reduce power consumption by 30%. Right now, the Nova 3 and 3i are among the selected few that will get this update.

So how much is it?

Huawei Sri Lanka is yet to officially announce prices. But considering these are on the high end of the midrange category, chances are these phones could be priced in the LKR 50,000 – 55,000 range. But we’re only speculating here.

All the expected features of the latest iteration of the Nova series look promising to say the least. Of course, this requires proper testing to see how well these nifty features would actually work with the average smartphone user. Do stay tuned for more on that front!


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  1. Huawei had been emphasizing about its upcoming smartphone for quite a time now. It was a mystery to all of us what the smartphone will be called exactly, what features will it behold and how will it perform.


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