The all new Huawei Y7 Pro and Y9: First impressions


Last Tuesday, we saw Huawei unveil their latest additions to the Y Series with the Huawei Y9 and the Y7 Pro. So what’s the big deal exactly? Well, we at ReadMe got our hands on the 2 devices. We thought of finding out ourselves.

The Huawei Y9

You might remember the Nova 2i that was introduced a few months back. So what exactly does the new Y Series have to offer? Let’s talk about the display first. It’s a near 6-inch screen, with a Full HD+ resolution. It also comes with a Full View display. What this all means is that the Y9 is aiming to give you as much screen as possible.

One might think the 6-inch screen would call for an equally big phone. But the aluminium body actually feels quite comfortable in hand. Even though technically this is a budget/mid-range phone, the build seems to have a touch of premium feel to it too. The Y9 looks to be the right amount of big and comfort, enough to easily fit in your pocket at least.Huawei Y9 | Huawei Y7 Pro

But what about the camera? At first glance, it looks quite promising. Shots taken in daylight tend to be generally pretty good. But it gets tricky under low light conditions. The selfies however, look immaculate on the Y9. Not surprising considering the front camera packs 16MP + 2MP lenses. Of course, we’ll be taking a closer look at the camera in our full review. For now, things look good in the camera department.

Finally, the software. For those of you familiar with Huawei phones already know these phones come up Huawei’s own flavor of Android. The Y9 comes with the EMUI 8.0, built on top of Android 8.0. Yes, the phone ships with Android Oreo. But beyond the little amenities you get with Oreo, apps like the camera on the Y9 includes quite a few options for the photography enthusiast.

The Y9’s little brother: Huawei Y7 Pro

The Y7 Pro borrows a few things from its brother, along with a few variations. The display screen for example, is marginally bigger on the Y7 Pro. It comes with a lower resolution. But certainly not a let down at all because it’s 1440*720. Oh and it’s a Full View display too.

The Y7 Pro is more or less the same size as the Y9, but with a few minor differences in build and design. Regardless, the feel and comfort is still similar to that of the Y9. One thing that’s immediately noticeable on the phone is the lack of a fingerprint sensor. But then again, both devices come with Face ID. So it might not be a big deal exactly.Huawei Y7 Pro | Huawei Y9

Moving on to the camera. Photos look to be quite decent for a budget phone. Although, you might see a difference if you put it up against its big brother. Think of the camera as somewhat of a simpler version of what you can expect with the Y9. But don’t worry. You can still take epic selfies on this phone.

Last but not least, is software. Just like the Y9, the Y7 Pro also comes with EMUI 8.0, built on top of Android Oreo. The Y7 Pro’s camera app on the other hand, looks to be keep things simple. But it still gives you the option to try out stuff like panorama and filters.

Taking a closer look

So there you go. These were our first impressions on the latest additions to the new Y Series by Huawei. Obviously we didn’t touch on each and every single feature these 2 phones have to offer. From the cameras, to the batteries and the processors. All of these will be tested in good time. So do stay tuned for the full review soon.

If there’s anything specific you guys would like us to test out, do let us know in the comments below.


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