The ideas of CIMA Launch Pad 2016


In September we told you about CIMA Launch Pad 2016. Now, a month later the competition had officially kicked off with the initial pitching round. This took place recently at CIMA Sri Lanka HQ. Over 20 teams took the stage to pitch their ideas but only 10 teams would make it to the next round. The idea was to pitch an idea in 3 minutes (or less) and convince the judging panel why they should proceed on to the next round. With that being said, here are the ideas we saw.

Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane
Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane

Deal Lanka

Dubbed “Smart Car Cover”, the team from Deal Lanka pitched their idea for a one of a kind car cover, one that can do a little more than just protect your vehicle from sunlight. Introduced as a universal product for all cars, the cover comes equipped mainly with an anti-bacterial layer and a pest repellent. A locally patented product, this car cover is currently available at Deal Lanka for purchase.


This team of 3 people wants to build Sri Lanka’s first natural water themed amusement park. According to the team, estimated time of completion for this project once commenced would be 3 and a half months. An ambitious time frame to achieve a grand project. Afterward, the team will engage in online and offline marketing campaigns in hopes of creating awareness among the community.


Team Econ Share pitched for a platform at CIMA Launch Pad 2016 that caters to blue-collar jobs. While the idea is still at the conceptual stage, the team is looking at an efficient system that would essentially connect supply and demand to get daily errands done. But how are they any different from local players like NicNac and Free My Time?

Ceylon Craftsman

This is essentially an e-commerce platform for Sri Lankan arts and crafts. It’s a platform where local craftsmen could sell their products to local and international markets. The team has a noble aim with their platform. However, it’s easier said than done to build an e-commerce platform selling arts and crafts.

Image credits: Lahiru Perera
Image credits: Lahiru Perera

360 Education

We all remember how tedious studying was back in our school days. But this team at CIMA Launch Pad 2016 proposing “360 Education” wants to ease the process for school students, particularly the O/L students, via facilitating e-learning. So how do they plan on doing this? The secret lies in their online platform, where users will have the option of either viewing live broadcasts or pre-recorded sessions of the lectures delivered on the relevant subject. To quote the team itself, “We’re not saying don’t go to school. What we’re saying is that you can learn your subjects better through our platform.”


One of the most common issues organizations usually face is its employee turnover numbers. But what if you could predict employee attrition? Meet the team from SLIIT who pitched their concept EmpSense, a Business Intelligence tool that analyses an employee’s risk to leave behavior. According to the team, EmpSense will be primarily targeting the Apparel and IT industries in Sri Lanka. When asked by the judging panel as to how accurate the BI system is, the team claimed that initial testing of the system over a 6-month period showed a 95% data accuracy.

Urban Agro Field

Another interesting concept that was pitched on Saturday, was the idea of greenhouse cultivation in urban areas. How does it work? Well, according to the team there are 2 ways one can go about it. One, you could own the land yourself and cultivate in it, or else, you could do the same on a rental basis. But the team might need to test each of the approaches themselves before getting serious on the idea, at least according to Chandika Jayasundara from the judging panel.

Hunger Fighters

Did you know that more than 15% of the food production in Sri Lanka is gone to waste? Even in Colombo, 1 out of 20 people starves every day. With the aim of solving this problem, Hunger Fighters wants to redistribute excess food collected from social events to the needy. This is where their idea of the food innovation lab comes into the picture.

As the name implies, is an eCommerce platform. It’s dedicated to automotive related products and services complemented with an island wide delivery system. But here’s the interesting part. The team promises to make one-day deliveries if a client is within the Colombo region, regardless of how big (or small) the order is.

Image credits: Lahiru Perera
Image credits: Lahiru Perera

IQ Labs

Of what seems like a similar concept to Khan Academy, IQ Labs plans to bridge the gap between schools and universities. The group of undergraduates pitching the idea emphasized on the fact that certain tasks like laboratory experiments cannot be done in every school. The team already has a YouTube channel set up. You can check them out below.


What happens when online product purchasing meets social networking? The answer is you get eMarket. But what problem does this solve exactly? As the team pointed out at the CIMA Launch Pad 2016, their platform would solve one key issue and that is the lonely shopper’s dilemma. We are not sure how exactly this is a real problem.


Openshop is a mobile app that follows the lines of other delivery services like NicNac. The key differences here is that users can purchase from Openshop’s own catalog. The platform will also account for the users’ buying pattern so as to cater better to their needs. Unless they have a massive buying guide, the catalog will likely be a limitation rather than a feature.

On-wheel advertising

If the name didn’t suggest the obvious, this idea was about advertising on wheels, bicycle wheels to be exact. With a focus on green advertising and cutting-edge technologies, the on wheel advertising option would allow an advertiser to display content ranging from snaps from a camera to video clips and other interactive media.


The next team at the CIMA Launch Pad 2016 is from the University of Moratuwa and they want to introduce a new organic fertilizer to the market. What’s special about this fertilizer is that it’s highly water absorbent. According to the team, this essentially means that you only need to water plants once a week if this fertilizer is used. Hence, reducing water wastage. Along with the fertilizer, the team also hinted at the idea of an interior designing app as a value addition to users.


If it’s one thing that would help a retailer provide a better service, is getting to know your customers well.  This customer behavior analyzing system tracks customer traffic and provides the retailer with customer related analytics such as, for example, the percentage of female customers per month.

CIMA LaunchPad 2016
Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane


You probably have one or two (if not more) clothes that you might have outgrown. Synergist wants to help with this problem via an online store. This is a place where you can sell your old clothes and they’d be resold on the store. In a nutshell, it’s a simple way of recycling your old clothes.

People Clues

Here’s another team with an idea for a web-based Business Intelligence tool. Basically, what this does is that it would select the right people for the right job by matching against one’s attributes. If the team has anything close to a 100% success rate, then this is a tool every business can use.

CIMA LaunchPad 2016
Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane


Tired of waiting for buses all the time? Meet NextBus. This is an app that tracks the location of each bus and provides users with real-time information such as the ETA of the next bus. In case you’re wondering how this happens, the app extracts location details via GPS from the buses (yes, the buses come equipped with GPS) and utilizes this data to provide the service to the users. The only question we have is how the teams would convince the bus drivers and owners to utilize the system.


They call themselves the Uber for logistics. Rush is a system that caters to the logistic needs of eCommerce retailers, restaurants, and SMEs. As of now, this team of 4 claims to handle about 20 – 30 deliveries per day through their system. When inquired as to why only 2 came on the pitch, their simple answer was, “The other 2 are still doing deliveries right now”.

CIMA LaunchPad 2016
Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane


This is a wearable that is designed to detect a driver’s drowsiness and help him from falling asleep. For example, if the wearable detects his drowsiness, a playlist will start playing. If this happens a 2nd time, a notification will be sent to the driver’s assigned guardian and a taxi service that is connected with the iWrap service.


Facebook is for people. Instagram is for photos. Vyral aims to be the social network for locations. Simply put, Vyral is a mobile app that shows you what’s currently happening around you and lets you share with the local community. We’re not exactly sure this differs from existing social networks either.


CIMA LaunchPad 2016
Meet SpecBuddy (Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane)

Meet SpecBuddy is a pair of smart glasses. It comes with the capability of detecting currency, emotions, and people. According to the team, there’s currently a community of about 200,000 with vision disabilities that could utilize SpecBuddy. However, at the moment it might be a while until those people can use SpecBuddy. From what we saw the project is still in its early stages.

Fashion Ore

Is shopping a tedious task? What if you could make it easier? Meet Fashion Ore, a search engine which enables the customers to look for the right outfit within a short span of time. Aside from acting as a search engine, Fashion Ore will come with an Inventory Management System, along with analytics and a Search Boost facility for the retailers.

Last but not the least, comes Unify. This is a one-stop shop for school leavers looking for career prospects. This online platform also includes smart psychometric tests that help evaluate the users’ capabilities.

So what’s next?

CIMA LaunchPad 2016
Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane

Now that the 3-minute pitches have come to an end, 10 teams will be selected for the next round. This will be followed by workshops and mentorship sessions. Do stay tuned with Team ReadMe as we bring you the latest on what’s happening with CIMA Launch Pad 2016.


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