Battling With the best at the IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers 2018


A few days ago, we wrote about the IESF Sri Lanka Qualifiers. As the name explains, this is the Sri Lanka qualifier for the IeSF World Championship 2018. Held for the 10th consecutive year, the championship is organized by the International eSports Federation. The IeSF is thus far the only international membership-based non-profit organization to organize a tournament of this nature.

On to the Sri Lanka Qualifiers

Organized by the Sri Lanka eSports Association with GamerLK as the strategic partner, the IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers were held on the 25th and 26th of August at Keero Gaming. The qualifier consisted of 3 titles in total. These were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Tekken 7. All titles were played on PC.

Legends never die

Kicking things off with League of Legends, we saw 12 teams taking part in round one. The teams were both from clans and standalone teams as well. The quarterfinals had 4 teams from Phoenix Gaming along with two teams from noob Alliance, one team from Xiphos eSPorts and one standalone team.

IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers
The League of Legends matches under way at the IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers (Image Credits: Vikum Jayasekera)

The semifinals saw PnX Lanka Lions going against nA Immortal Dynasty in one match whilst PnX Meme Masters went up against nA Phase. The winners of these two games would go up against each other in the grand finals of the IeSF Sri Lanka qualifier for League of Legends.

The finals of the IeSF Sri Lanka qualifier for League of Legends had PnX Lanka Lions going up against their rivals, nA Phase. The match took nail-biting to a whole new level with each team showing no sign of giving up.

IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers
The Winners of the League of Legends Qualifier – PnX Lanka Lions

In the end, proving the spirit of a lion, PnX Lanka Lions emerged victorious at a score of 2-0. This made them the winners for the qualifiers for League of Legends, securing their spot to take part in the IeSF World Championship.

Protecting the world from devastation

The IeSF World Championship 2018 marks the 3rd time that CS: GO was selected as an official title for the eSports World Championship. For the IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers, a total of 6 teams took part for round one. The semifinals had Xiphos CS:GO from Xiphos eSports going up against Maximum eSports Team Huta. At the same time, we had Maximum eSports Team Revolutionary Gamers going toe to toe with one of their own, Maximum eSports Team Fuze.

Both matches were equally action packed with strategies being changed on the go to adapt accordingly. The teams were pulling off all the stops to ensure that they would make it to the finals. In the end, Xiphos eSports Xiphos CS:GO qualified to go on to the final round of the qualifier s alongside Maximum eSports Revolutionary Gamers.

IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers
The match layout of the finals of CS: GO

The stakes were remarkably high. If you have played CS:GO competitively, you’d know that the game is extremely taxing, both physically and mentally. One wrong move, or a missed shot or even a badly tossed grenade can completely shift the outcome of the game.

IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers
The Winners of the CS: GO Qualifier – Xiphos CSGO

Finally, after 2 grueling rounds of matches, Xiphos CS:GO of Xiphos eSports emerged as winners. They would be representing Sri Lanka at the World eSports Championship 2018, for CS: GO.

Tekken things to the next level

Last, but by no means the least, we had the Tekken 7 matches. Unlike League of Legends and CS: GO, Tekken 7 pitted two players against each other in single combat. Starting off with DaddyLongLegs going up against PnX Rishan, we saw PnX Rishan proceed to Round 2 where he went up against PnX Jura. Parallel matches in round 2 also had nA Rey going up against TechPenguin5, PnX Amaterasu vs nA Darcrow and X3 RaSSyCZar going up against PnX Lamborghini.

IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifier
The Tekken 7 matches under way (Image Credits: Vikum Jayasekera)

From there, the semifinal matches of Tekken 7 at the IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers had PnX Rishan vs TechPenguin5 and PnX Amaterasu vs PnX Lamborghini. After quite a heated bunch of battles the two finalists of each match PnX Rishan and PnX Amaterasu faced off against each other. While PnX Rishan stuck to Paul as his primary character, PnX Amaterasu decided to add a bit of variety by going with King and Kazuya.

IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers
The Winner of the Tekken 7 qualifier: PnX RIshan (Image Credits: Vikum Jayasekera)

When the dust settled, it was PnX Rishan who remained standing. He would go on to the World eSports Championship 2018 representing Sri Lanka for Tekken 7.

Wrapping things up at the IeSF Sri Lanka Qualifiers

Vikum Jayasekera – representing the Sri Lanka eSports Association explained that the “IESF World Championship national qualifiers happened very well with over 100 participants registering for the event this year. We are looking forward to see our team’s performance at the World Championship in November.”

Ramesh Liyanage – Director at GamerLK added “We are very pleased with the turnout of the World Championship qualifier this year. Gamer.LK, as the strategic partner of the Sri Lanka Esports Association shares in the excitement towards seeing our eSports athletes represent Sri Lanka at the IESF World Championship which will be held in Chinese Taipei later this year”.


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