ikman launches in Sri Lanka


Ikman.lk launched the first completely free classified website, enabling Sri Lankans to access their daily needs online. The website offers a comprehensive list of products ranging from mobile phones and cars to land available for purchase, in all major cities across Sri Lanka.

 ‘Ikman.lk classifieds’ is the company’s first product to be launched in Sri Lanka. With over 2.5 million Internet users in the country, Ikman.lk enters the market with the simple aim of providing a credible website for buyers and sellers to interact. The site can be best described as an easy-to-use, free classified website where you can buy and sell a plethora of items.

The website reflects the company ethos of providing a simple, safe and fast buying-selling experience to consumers. With a greater vision of propelling online trading of second-hand items, Ikman.lk hopes it will provide the ideal platform for private persons as well as small and medium-sized enterprises to place themselves on the online market.

‘Ikman’, meaning fast or quick in Sinhalese, will provide a speedy and efficient service to both seller and buyer. The Ikman.lk website allows users to seamlessly upload ads onto the site and have them displayed within 4 hours of posting. The ads will go through a stringent approval process, making sure that they follow the terms and conditions to ensure the products and services sold are legitimate and as genuine as possible.

Ikman.lk permits posting of classified ads on the site for no charge. ”This is a product for everyone” says Ikman.lk’s CEO Mr. Nils Hammar, “it’s not for just for one group, but a product that anyone can use easily”. Users are simply required to submit a valid email address and in three easy steps, the ad can be uploaded onto the site. Ikman.lk is also available in Sinhala and Tamil, thereby making it the only classifieds site catering to Sri Lanka’s tri-lingual audience.

Furthermore, owing to the growing use of mobile Internet in Sri Lanka, the Ikman.lk team have also launched a mobile site. The mobile site is available in two versions for both new and older mobile phone models; ensuring that more consumers are able to benefit from the site’s services, which too, are available in all three languages.

For buyers, the site provides a wide selection of great deals on a choice of items, ranging from electronics and pets to vehicles and houses. Further, the site is available to everyone across the country and buyers can purchase items from their own towns and cities, with almost no risk and travel. For sellers, the site provides free ad placements, increased ad viewership and hence, faster sale of their products.

The company hopes to change the way individuals use the Internet, by providing easy-to-use websites. With this intent, the company has also launched similar Internet products in Pakistan and Bangladesh. While expert programmers in Sweden are involved in the development process of Ikman.lk, the page is managed and maintained by local representatives in Sri Lanka to ensure that the end-consumer receives a 100% localised experience.

Mr. Hammar stated, “The Sri Lankan market is developing at a phenomenal rate.  This coupled with the increase in Internet penetration and usage in the country, indicates that we have plenty of opportunity in the country. As the country continues to grow and develop, Ikman.lk will grow parallel to it. The use of Internet is introduced at school level and is widely used by most homes and mobile phone users.  We witnessed an opportunity to introduce something different, interesting and beyond traditional classified advertising, to the local market. The Ikman.lk interface is easy-to-use and convenient for both sellers and buyers. We are optimistic about the Sri Lankan market and we want to be a part of the growth that the country is experiencing.”


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