Imagine Cup 2013: Sri Lankan finals at UCSC


“What excites me about the Imagine Cup is the combination of the huge potential of technology and the passion and idealism of the hundreds of thousands of high school and college students who participate around the world” – Bill Gates on his official site about Imagine Cup.

All dreams are now welcome is the theme of Imagine Cup 2013, transpired all over the world in three different categories of Gaming, Innovation and World Citizenship. Each category will have one category winner, which leads to the final presentations among the category winners to become the national winner. The selected team will then represent their country in the Imagine Cup 2013 at St. Petersburg, Russia. The other two category winners can apply for the online finals and possibly get lucky enough to represent their country in Russia.

Having said all these, The Sri Lankan finals which was hosted by the University of Colombo School of Computing included 14 finalists from various local universities and higher educational institutes. Four teams each from University of Moratuwa and SLIIT, two teams each from Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka and IIT, and one team each from Wayamba University of Sri Lanka and University of Peradeniya competed for that prestigious trophy and the ticket to the world finals.


The final round presentations started on 10th April 2013 morning with the welcome note from Mr. Wellington Perera, DPE Lead, Microsoft Sri Lanka. From the 14 outstanding presentations, the distinguished panel of judges chose one winner from each category for the final presentation to select the overall national level winner.


The teams and respective projects can be found in the following table.






Devil GamesHaachchiyaSLIIT
EleanoraGolden StatueSLIIT

World Citizenship

Immortal LionzPanacca’s JacketSLIIT
Live UpLife TimelineUoM
Pera ChampsKnowledge through TouchUoP
Sector 06Smart WattUoM
SharksGreen ChainUoM
Team MMoko’s WorldSUSL


Team Fire BirdI-ChumIIT
Team InvictusGMONSUSL
UZ44Sozo ArtemisIIT
WolfpackShadow ModeUoM


The final presentations started at noon, and the teams highlighted above were selected as the respective category winners.

Team Devil Games was first to present, their project named Hachchiya – the kissing game. The concept of the game is to send a flying kiss to a girl over a brick wall. The game was neatly designed with difficulty levels increasing as you advance. The judges were interested in the concept, and some even suggested the idea to formulate their game strategy and revenue model in line with popular match-making sites.

The second presentation was under the “Innovation” category, where team Fire Bird, introduced their prototype i-Chum: a device which can be used to enhance visually impaired people with the help of augmented sensory technologies like terrain recognition, vibration & verbal feedback, together with a database over the internet. As Kishore Kumar (team member) says, “It’s a quantum leap in augmented sensory aids for the blind: allowing them to experience both the physical and virtual environments in a new way without compromising safety.” 

The panel of judges were both impressed and skeptical about the device and started throwing questions based on the presentation and live demonstration of the product. Some of the judges pointed out a few practical scenarios and issues, but was convinced with the team’s confident and aggressive answers.


Team Live Up did the presentation of Imagine 2013 Sri Lanka, with quite a global idea. Their project named Life Timeline was a social networking platform which enables users to set goals and achieve them in the virtual presence of like-minded people. Setting public goals within a group or circle enables friendly encouragement, emotional support and expert advice in order to make sure the goal seeker is consistently motivated to achieve it step by step. The team also added that the platform would be a great place for people to develop skills in just about anything, ranging from Jazz piano lessons to Japanese cuisine.  The judges were captivated throughout the presentation and shared many thoughts on business viability and further development.

After the lengthy presentations and the brief discussions between the judges, the excited Mr. Wellington Perera announced the winner of the competition, which was clinched by team Fire Bird who will be making their way to St. Petersburg in Russia to participate in the Imagine Cup 2013.




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