Indian Clothing Operation Picks ExcelSoft’s Software To Run On


ExcelSoft is a Sri Lankan software firm known for their TOPS ERP – an end-to-end solution for apparel manufacturers that’s been homegrown since 1998. Since then, it’s seen service at quite a few apparel groups 0 including Lanka Garments, Union Apparels and recently, Trend Setters.

We’ve received word that Quantum Clothing, the British apparel manufacturing group, has decided to implement this fundamentally Sri Lankan software at their Quantum Clothing factory in India, which employs some 2100 people.  The system’s reportedly worked out quite well at the Quantum Sri Lanka plant in Horana, which adopted it in 2012.

Rob Walker, Finance and IT Systems Manager, Quantum Clothing Group, stated, “When looking for an ERP system provider for Quantum Sri Lanka, ExcelSoft stood out because they knew the industry, had a good solid software offering and also wanted to work with us to align the system to our business process. Throughout the implementation we have continually seen that ExcelSoft has ‘gone the extra mile’ to be flexible and accommodate our requirements including the ones that are unique to us.  Modular wise deployment of TOPS ERP at Quantum Sri Lanka helped us manage our resources efficiently, allowing a smooth implementation with complete focus on what we want to achieve throughout the project.”


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