Informatics transforming telcos with InfoBPMS across Asia


The internet has changed every aspect of our lives. Yes, that is a heavy understatement. But it’s a truth that nobody can deny. Each time telecom operators increased our speeds, as with the transition from 3G to 4G, this change was accelerated. As seen in the past decade with the rise of social media, ride-hailing, video streaming, and more, the internet has disrupted several industries. As digitalization reshaped our world, Informatics has been an enabler at the forefront, supporting the telecom industry with solutions like AvaBill, which is a fully-fledged end-to-end Customer Care and Billing Solution utilized by some of the world’s largest operators. With InfoBPMS, Informatics aims to bring greater benefits to the industry and reshape how it works entirely.  

What is InfoBPMS?

Utilized by a variety of industries, InfoBPMS is a Business Process Management System developed by Informatics. It serves to transform complicated legacy systems into a user-friendly platform. Optimizing processes and thereby resulting in increased operational efficiency, and enabling better customer service. To facilitate this change, InfoBPMS is built on Java Technologies and comes with a host of features to digitally transform the operations of an organization with multiple touchpoints, mobility, and integration capabilities. These include a top-of-the-range BPM engine, Drag-and-drop dynamic screen configuration, built-in DMS, Dashboards and SLA monitoring. 

Informatics | InfoBPMS | telcos
Governed by unique work-flows of each process instead of being menu driven InfoBPMS offers a simplified, yet powerful user interface unifying different systems in a bid to optimize and enhance operations.

Describing the typical business operations of a telco, Nishantha Jayaratne, Vice President – Telecommunication Business Unit at Informatics shared, “Many telecom operators across the region have several independent systems. One for billing, one for finance, another for HR, another for sales, and so on. Quite often, you’ll find many of these are menu-driven rather than work-flow driven, which results in several inefficiencies across the organization.”

By focusing on the work-flows and paired with simplified user interfaces which are device-independent, InfoBPMS is capable of simplifying and enhancing operations. In turn, allowing operators to offer a better service to their customers. Even back-office operations such as Inventory Control, Stock Management, and Point of Sales Management are transformed into work-flow driven processes. With the system offering clear online approvals, dashboards readily available reports, and SLA tracking, InfoBPMS offers organization leaders greater insights. 

How InfoBPMS transformed Vodafone Samoa

Vodafone Samoa (formerly known as BlueSky Samoa), being a modern quad-play telecom operator, offers Fixed Lines, Mobile Broadband, and Digital TV services. A critical pain point the operator faced was that it’s telco services and digital TV services were managed by two separate systems. As a result, customers found it inconvenient to receive two separate bills every month for telco and TV services. 

Informatics | InfoBPMS | telcos
A pain shared by many customers of Vodafone Samoa was that they were receiving two bills. One was their phone bill and the other was their digital TV bill. They preferred to have a single bill. With InfoBPMS, this was made possible.

The challenge was that Vodafone Samoa had two different billing systems for telecom services and TV services. The operator was using AvaBill as its primary Customer Care and Billing System for telecom services. InfoBPMS was then introduced as an upgrade, to seamlessly integrate TV operations into AvaBill with a series of enhanced work-flow driven user interfaces. 

In turn, this allowed the operations related to both telecom services and TV services to be managed by a single system. Resulting in streamlined operations, thus improving operational efficiency. Furthermore, InfoBPMS facilitated enhanced user experience with device-independent multi-touch-points and producing a converged bill. Further, it also enabled all business processes to be managed via a single platform.

Informatics | InfoBPMS | telcos
Following the adoption of InfoBPMS, the Informatics team created an app for the sales reps of Vodafone Samoa, which allowed them to onboard customers instantly while conducting roadside shows (Image credits: BlueSky / Vodafone Samoa)

Another area where InfoBPMS showcased its powerful device-independent workflow-driven interfaces for Vodafone Samoa was when it transformed the Roadshow Sales operations. Originally, the sales at roadshows were done manually and the data was entered into the system later when the team returned to office. However, it was a tedious process where errors were a regular occurrence.

With the introduction of InfoBPMS, Informatics created an app with an all-in-one device that automated the entire operation by seamlessly integrating with the back-end system. This allowed sales reps to use their phones and instantly register new customers, capture documents and images, accept cash & card payments and issue receipts, online real-time while offering sales managers greater insights.

One solution that fits and empowers all 

While InfoBPMS can be identified as a platform that transforms complicated legacy systems into better user experience, Nishantha highlighted that even in situations where there is no existing system, InfoBPMS could be shaped-up to define a fully-fledged all-inclusive system by itself. Running on its own, it would offer the same benefits to transform the manual operations into a state-of-the-art solution built on Java technologies. 

Few examples of such exceptions where it’s used by some of the private and government institutions as a Procurement Management System, a Vehicle Sales System, a Board Paper Management System and a Case Management System, etc. with the easy to use interfaces. This is the power of InfoBPMS, which can easily adapt to any industry. Seeing how it has transformed organizations in the digitally advanced telecom industry, it can be said that Informatics has built a solution that fits the needs and empowers systems everywhere.


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