Infotel 2014 – APNIC’s Coming, And Why We Want To Meet Them


Everybody’s familiar with the Infotel process by now – once a year, we all get hugely excited and sally forth to the closest thing Sri Lanka has to an Expo.

Interestingly, there’s going to be one particular booth set up by a company a bit different from the stuff we’ve seen before. It’s by an organization called APNIC, and APNIC happens to be the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia Pacific Region. It’s a non-profit that manages the allocation of Internet numbers for this entire region – IPs as well as Autonomous Systems (AS) numbers.


APNIC has a bit of history that should interest someone studying the structure and history of the Internet. As for what they’ll be doing at Infotel, they’ve got quite a list:

  • How to get provider independent Internet number resources (IPv4, IPv6 and ASNs)
  • APNIC educational programs and world class training
  • IPv6 transition
  • Reverse DNS
  • RPKI and other network security options
  • IP resource policies

It’s not for everybody. Most people would be more interested in the models handing out headphone discounts. Networkers and ‘net hackers – this one’s for us.


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