Instagram Launches Twitter-like Video Channel


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Two years ago, in an attempt to compete against the like of Vine and other competitors, Instagram launched its own video feature allowing users to create 15-second clips. With Instagram videos, users could now record a video, apply a filter, and proceed to share it with everyone out there. This offered encouraged users to discover new feeds to follow.

Instagram recently launched a brand new video channel featuring photos and videos from users who are focused on specific events. Available via the app’s Explore tab, it has a striking resemblance to Twitter’s Moment feature as well as Snapchat. Coincidentally (or not), the first album is, Halloween.

When clicked, the app will display the most popular videos posted by users. According to sources, a highly skilled editorial team at Instagram sort through the videos to choose which ones to feature. From there, users can cycle through different video clips, visit their profile by clicking their name and like the video by double tapping it.

According to Instagram officials, there are 80 million photos shared every day, but they declined to mention how many videos are posted.

It is very likely that more albums will be added including political ones, World Series and even Thanksgiving and other holidays. Basically anything major taking place around the world.

Users were able to submit videos and see if they were chosen by uploading their videos followed by the hashtag #IGHalloween.

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It’s also possible that like Twitter’s Promoted Moments, Instagram too would eventually incorporate ads into these channels. They currently have no plans to do so, but over the course of time, they would analyze the situation so that there is no compromise with regard to user experience. Then again, they do continue to expand their advertising offering, so the introduction of said ads is just a mere matter of time.


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