Instagram Looks Different Today. Here’s Why.


Instagram. We all use it. In fact, according to the developers themselves, an average of 400 million people posts photos each month. In addition, all those people post 80 million photos each day, thus generating approximately 3.5 billion daily likes (yes that’s billion with a “B”).

A new Icon and a new interface – Instagram 2.0?

The first thing you might notice when you open up the app to snap a pic or browse posts is that Instagram looks different today. For starters, it’s a brand new icon combining a gradient of sunset hues with a more minimalist redesigned icon. But that’s not all. Once you open the app you’ll see a somewhat redefined interface too. A flatter UI comprised of black and white elements replaces the chrome and blue. Notifications once orange, are now watermelon pink with a more simplified toolbar icon that actually resemble shadows because of the light gradient that they possess.

The new icons of Instagram, Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse
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Why the sudden change, you ask? Well according to design director Ian Spalter, the company felt it was time for a change. On pure aesthetics alone, Instagram’s icon and interface weren’t exactly substandard, but they weren’t fantastic either. In terms of functionally, there was much to be desired.

Initially launched in 2010, Instagram has now become one of the world’s leading visual platforms. As such, the redesign suggests that the company felt its current interface was holding back that content. So accordingly, the new flatter, whiter, and less cluttered interface will supposedly serve to enhance one’s photos and videos.

Talking about the new icon itself, the old one consisted of a lens and viewfinder reminiscent of a retro camera expressing a sense of physicality. The new icon, featuring a gradient from yellow to purple is reminiscent of sunset photos that are quite commonly found on the platform. The camera glyph, too, gives off a modern look, stripped down to only show the outline of a camera.

In addition, Instagram is also revamping its user interface to a more minimalist approach.

A flatter UI comprised of just black and white.
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That being said though, the changes are only skin deep. Think of them as a sort of superficial tweak that people talk about till they get comfortable with and then accept as a daily part of their lives. Your browsing experience will not change except the prettier icon in your app drawer. The new icon also means matching icons for its partner apps such as Layout and Hyperlapse.

Have you got the update for Instagram? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section below.


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