Remix Your Messages With Instagram


Instagram has had its messaging feature for a while now. It ranged from sharing Instagram posts with your friends, to actually messaging each other and sending instant photos that would disappear after the recipient views it. The latest feature that Instagram added to its direct messaging functionality revolves around remixing a photo you have received.

How does Remixing work?

Well, it’s quite simple. Actually no it’s not. But more on that later. In theory, remixing a photo is easy. The process involves editing a photo that a friend sent to you via a direct message. The original image can contain text and doodles as usual.

Once you send the image to your friend, he/she will have the option to reply with another image that can have doodles and text. The reply would have the original photo that you sent to your friend as well

Instagram Remix
Mixing this with Instagram Remix
Image Credits: 9To5Mac

This opens up a lot of opportunities to stage your photos to make your creativity and imagination go wild. In addition, you can also control how many times the message can be viewed by your friends. This is done by choosing between “one view” or “allow replay” options when you send the message.

How does Instagram Remix actually work?

Well, in reality, sending a photo to a friend is very easy. All you have to do is to tap the message icon in te Instagram app and then send an image. Engaging in the art of remixing said images is where things get tricky. It took Mazin and Me about 15 minutes to just figure out how it works and we resorted to actually checking Instagram’s blog post about it to make sure we were doing it properly.

Then came the staging of the photos. If you multitask a lot, then doing a remix for Instagram is bound to be tricky. This is because the feature requires you to stay within the boundaries of the messaging area itself. So if you send an image and then get a remix reply and then forget to reply to it or close the app, that remix is essentially gone.

Instagram Remix
Our take on Instagram Remix

There is also the possibility of you losing the chance to see the remix as well. For example, the image I sent Mazin required me to actually restart my phone to be delivered and by that time, he had already viewed the image and closed the app so when I opened my Instagram app, I couldn’t continue the remix.

Overall though, once you get the hang of it, the Remix feature on Instagram is pretty funky to play around with. Because it’s a direct message, you’re free to unleash your inner creativity and doodle away. Now to charge my phone an indulge in a remix or two. Maybe three.

Have you used the Remix feature on Instagram? Love it? Hate it? We would love to hear from you.


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