Managing multiple Instagram accounts is indeed a cumbersome thing, especially if you need separate accounts for your personal use and another for work use. In some cases, there may even be multiple accounts for work use. One has to keep all passwords saved in one’s head and then keep logging in and out as and when required. Trust me, it’s no fun at all.

Recently though, the immensely popular photo sharing app has been testing out support for multiple accounts for those on the Android platform. But before you go scouring around your app settings, you should know that the feature is thus far limited Android users who are part of Instagram’s beta testing program, and even then, only some users have the feature enabled.

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Similar to how Twitter’s account management operates, you can add multiple accounts via the app’s settings page and then switch between the accounts as and when required. Our prayers are finally being answered.

This far it is uncertain whether or not Instagram plans to expand the feature beyond its current status of testing for Android or to go ahead and make it available to iPhone users as well. Both Facebook and Instagram are generally though to preview new features to Android users first, and then follow up with other platforms.

The lack of official support for the feature, which is a vital component to those have multiple accounts has caused many users to opt for third-party Instagram clients so that they can post updates from multiple accounts simultaneously.

Instagram tolerated this for a while but with recent changes in their developer policy, they restricted almost all third-party feed-viewing apps. This means that around 80-90% of these apps will lose access to Instagram’s API by June 2016. That being said, that could very well mean that there will be more updates regarding support for multiple accounts in the not too distant future.

If you want totry your luck with the Beta version of Instagram, you can do so by clicking here.



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