You Can Now Install Microsoft’s Creators Update


If you’re a fan of Microsoft Windows 10 (just like me), you’re probably eagerly awaiting the Windows 10 Creators Update. If you’re not familiar with that that is, the Microsoft Windows 10 Creators update is essentially a suite of new 3D creation tools, updates and improvements to live-streaming and custom tournaments for the Xbox app.

The update will also focus on communicating with your loved ones, by placing them at the center of your Windows experience. With tools such as Paint 3D, users would be able to create 3D objects quickly and easily. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you can take full use of Windows 10 and Xbox Live and experience 4K gaming which you can also broadcast to your friends.

Creators Update
Image taken from: Microsoft

How to get the Creators Update Today

Officially, the Windows 10 Creators Update begins rolling out on the 11th of April 2017. But if you really can’t wait for that long, Microsoft has released a tool to help you upgrade to the Creators Update. Microsoft announced that they would make the Creators Update available via manual download. Called the Update Assistant, the tool will essentially guide you through the update process so that you can update your Windows 10 to build version 1703 which is the Creators Update.

If you are also part of Microsoft’s Insider program, then you would have also seen a sneak preview of the new features that are under development for upcoming Windows. The only issue here is that Microsoft recently noted that upcoming Insider builds could have a slightly higher number of bugs than usual. So the Update Assistant would seem like the more logical choice if you don’t want your PC to crash, especially if it is your primary system.

In the event you need to carry out a fresh install of Windows 10 with the Creator’s update, you can download an ISO file and create a bootable drive. If you don’t know how to download an ISO and create a bootable drive, we strongly suggest that you get advice from a IT professional and not mess around with your system.


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