Intel inspired Ultrabook soon to Sri Lanka


Intel Sri Lanka yesterday ushered in a new category of portable computers, with the announcement of the Ultrabook in the local market.

Based on the second generation Intel Core processors, Ultrabooks are set to bridge the gap between processing power and portability, promising to be a game changer in the ever-evolving technology market.

Ultrabooks offer secure computing in sleek portable form factors, with longer battery lives and uncompromising performance. Intel expects that the Ultrabook will be an iconic transformation to mobile computing, just as the introduction of Intel Centrino was a revolution in mobile technology more than eight years ago.

Intel Sri Lanka Country Business Manager Indika De Zoysa said, “The Ultrabook is an emerging new breed of no-compromise computers that will increasingly combine best-in-class performance, improved responsiveness and security in thin, elegant, must-have mobile designs.”

Currently, there are over 75 designs of Ultrabooks in development worldwide, which is indicative of the kind of popularity and initial demand there is for this category.

The technical specifications that set an Ultrabook apart from other categories include a design of under 0.8 inches slimness. The Intel Rapid Start Technology gets the system up and running faster from even the deepest sleep, saving time and battery life. Ultrabook devices will offer up to five hours of battery life even in the sleekest form factors with some systems delivering up to eight hours or more for all-day usage. Additionally, the Ultrabook systems are enabled with security features like Intel Anti-Theft Technology and Intel Identity Protection Technology.

Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live.

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