Intel showcases its Next Unit of Computing in SL



  • Intel introduces Next Unit of Computing (NUC) PC product family

  • NUC measures 4-inch by 4-inch that can work as a home theatre PC, media server or personal cloud storage based on need

Colombo, June 4, 2014–Intel continues to evolve its ultra-small form factor Intel® NUC PC kit.  NUC which stands for “Next Unit of Computing” is a PC in a surprisingly small package that can serve as Home Theater PCs, Media Servers or “Personal Cloud” storage. This new NUC might just be the ticket, if you’re looking for a amazingly quiet, low profile computer.

“Imagine a computing device powerful enough to produce stunning visuals with responsive performance. It is yet small enough to drive digital signage, kiosks, or power other applications in a tight space. We did and the result is the Intel Next Unit of Computing,” said Indika de Zoysa, Country Business Manager, Intel EM Ltd. – Sri Lanka Liaison office.

De Zoysa explained that the Intel NUC is the latest development of computer in ultra-small form factor PC measuring 4-inch by 4-inch. Anything your tower PC can do, the Intel NUC may too and in 4 inches of real estate. From home theater to gaming to running a digital jukebox, the Intel NUC has what you need to power your digital potential. Browse social media, check e-mail, and video chat with a friend, all while keeping your office space uncluttered. The Intel NUC is also the ideal solution for business applications, such as digital signage and kiosks.

”The sleek and small Intel NUC packs more features into an even slimmer form factor. From home theater systems to digital jukeboxes, from immersive gaming to home office space-saving PCs, the Intel NUC gives you the power you need—and requiresjust 4 inches of real estate, whether in your living room or office,” said de Zoysa.

A revolution in ultra-compact device design, Intel NUC packages a fully scalable, computing solution in a small form factor, complete with the option of a 4th Gen Intel® Core™ processor to power the NUC. Intel NUC is customizable for the way you compute today. With features such as Intel® Smart Connect Technology1, your computer is ready to go where you are.


This new generation computing device provides a flexible, customizable engine to drive, whether you need digital signage, kiosk displays, or simply intelligent computing for small spaces, Intel NUC delivers the power and flexibility you need for today’s computing environment. With the power and size of Intel NUC, you’ll rethink what’s possible.

The Intel NUC comes in two forms: the board and the kit.Intel NUC board comes with a 4-inch by 4-inch motherboard with a soldered on processor that you will have to integrate into a case. While The Intel NUC kit comes with a 4-inch by 4-inch motherboard, soldered on processor, enclosure around the board, a power brick, VESA mounting bracket, wireless antennae (integrated into the chassis), Intel® brand sticker, and option for a power cord (with 4th generation models only).

The Intel NUC has two variants with mSATA SSD for fast storage performance and 2.5” HDD for bigger storage capacity. The Intel NUC supported with 3 years warranty from Intel for all its components.

”The Intel NUC’s presence with Intel inside is the manifestation of Intel’s commitment to always produce technologies that make life easy and affordable. For more productive and better living,” de Zoysa said.

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