Get Your A-Game For The Inter School eSports Championship 2017


The Inter-School eSports Championship, aimed at school children organized by Gamer.LK is back for the second consecutive year. Bridging the mythically taboo concept of playing video games and school-level education, Gamer.LK together with Dialog Gaming opens the gate officially for all students to walk-in and represent their schools with pride at the Inter School eSports Championship 2017. This year however, the competition has been extended even further to have a separate Women’s League as well. Last year’s event remarked as a virtual battle royal big match of all boys’ schools. This year, there will be no excuse for the thriving girls’ schools to back out as well!

Inter School eSports Championship 2017
A snapshot last year’s Inter-school eSports championship

The official roster of titles at the Inter School eSports Championship 2017 has also been updated this year. With Overwatch and Clash Royale included, schools will have to bring their best line-up of teams to take part in the following 8 competitive titles:

Team Games

  • Call of Duty 4
  • DOTA 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • Overwatch

Individual Games

  • FIFA 17
  • Project Cars
  • Clash Royale

There is no restriction for the number of teams a school can have for any game. Teams consisting of students from different classes and grades are also accepted. The objective of the tournament is for schools to bring forward their best line-up of teams to win as many titles as possible to win the overall Inter-School eSports Championship.

Inter School eSports Championship 2017In the debut tournament, last year, hype intensified when rivalry school such as Royal College and St. Thomas’ College battle it out in a virtual space early in the morning. Supporters of both schools divided to sides and showered cheers greater than of at a big match. Why? Because they all knew there would be a meaning to the match and it will not end in a draw.

Gateway College, Rajagiriya won the first championship last year by securing 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals. They were contested heavily by Leighton Park International and D. S. Senenayake college. The experienced players have a reputation to maintain and a title to defend.

Meanwhile, the Women’s League has been introduced and Call of Duty 4 has been announced as an official title. It is yet to be confirmed if the rest of the titles will be held for the Women’s League as well, however it is guaranteed to be as equally entertaining as the male league.So that’s that, the championship of your dreams is happening again and the girls have an easier way to convince their schools too. Mark the calendar for 30th September and 1st of October to be at Trace Expert City to witness non-stop action and make your school proud with what you do best!

If you are looking to register for the Inter School eSports Championship 2017, you can do so by clicking here.


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